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Me Jonas, you Jane

Jonas and JaneJonas Kaufmann and the mysterious “Jane G.” sparked the most reader interest on parterre box during the month of March. The complete Top Ten list follows the jump. 

  • Cicciabella

    May I congratulate La Cieca, or the person who thought it up, on blog post title number three on the list. “I want your Essex” is a brilliant title on a site that excels in brilliant titles.

    • Thank you. “I Want Your Essex” was actually my second thought, after “Game of Crones.”

      It is a source of daily agony to me that we have not been able to work out the logistics to get a review of De Materie, because so many headlines are ready to go for that piece, including “Ewes and the Night and the Music” and “Sheep No More.”

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    If Jane G is the actual person named on the relevant page, she looks much more like Miss Hathaway in the origina lcast of The Beverly Hillbillies! I’ve been waiting to see what great headline might be created for Anna Netrebko dedicating a month to master German in preparation for her first Elsa