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Kaufmann has not canceled, managers say

kaufmannUPDATE: La Cieca has just received an email from Bruce Zemsky and Alan Green, managers of Jonas Kaufmann, stating “Mr. Kaufmann has not cancelled any of his future engagements for this year and next year and is in excellent health. The Nacion is not well informed as Mr. Kaufmann just appeared in a solo all Puccini concert in Prague on March 16… and appeared on March 21 as soloist with the Berlin Staatskapel with Daniel Barenboim. Mr. Kaufmann is looking forward to his engagements for April and all his other future engagements.” 

EARLIER: The Nacion article stated that Jonas Kaufmann will withdraw from his singing engagements for this year and the next. (“Ya se hizo público que Jonas Kaufmann… haría su retiro del canto por lo que resta de este año y el próximo.”)

  • Lady Abbado

    I booked the live streaming of Tosca from Vienna Saturday April 9th with Gheorghiu/Kaufmann/Terfel -- I hope he would still show up for that…

    • Lohengrin

      Streaming has moved to 16. April!!

  • LT

    The article says he had a malignant tumor removed from his lungs. This sounds quite serious.

    • LT

      Which happened 4 years ago? I never heard about that. But the malignancy is more of a speculation in this article.

  • aulus agerius

    What happened to his grey hairs?

  • Baltsamic Vinaigrette

    Good news! Domingo is available.

  • Off topic, I’m listening to Poliuto, with Fabiano and Martinez, and she sounds like a mezzo. And a little hooty.

    • phoenix

      I remember another singer as Paolina who sounded like that — I think her name was Maria Callas.

  • Lohengrin

    Official Facebook:
    COMPLETELY UNTRUE All the information contained in the article published in “La Nacion” on March 27th (“Jonas Laufmann tiene un serio problema de salud”) is completely untrue.
    The writer is not well informed as Mr. Kaufmann just appeared in a solo all Puccini concert in Prague on March 16 which was acclaimed with standing ovations. He also did a private concert in Vienna on March 19 and appeared on March 21 as soloist with the Berlin Staatskapelle and Daniel Barenboim. Furthermore, Mr. Kaufmann is looking forward to appearing in all his engagements for April as well as all of his other future engagements.
    Bruce Zemsky and Alan Green, Managers of Jonas Kaufmann

  • umangialaio

    Meno male.


  • aulus agerius

    Including Buenos Aires in August? Anyone care to place bets?

  • manou

    The comments are interesting -- sample:

    Jorge Aráoz Badi está completamente gagá, como lo prueba la escucha de dos o tres minutos de su programa de radio de los domingos. Increíble que La Nación le brinde un espacio sin siquiera corroborar mínimamente las cosas que dice. Una vergüenza.

  • bluecabochon

    Seemed unlikely that this online entity would be the one to announce such important news.

    • Perhaps he has a blog called El sonido y la furia.

      • JohninSeattle

        My Google translate sez Jorge and Norman are an exact match!

      • If it were Lebrecht, it would have the title “German Tenor to sing in Argentine concert”, and contain the observation that “so far, no women tenors have been invited to perform.”

  • I wonder if his managers might be covering their asses becaus they haven’t officially admitted to possible health issues. Time will tell. If the tumor was malignant then there’s the possibility that the cancer has reappeared but they haven’t made it known. I hope not. He’s such a wonderful singer and should be right in his prime.

    • armerjacquino

      Hmmm. ‘Maybe they’re lying about his health’ strikes me as begging the question.

      • armerjacquino

        (Sorry, I left that confusingly incomplete. What I meant to say is that ‘maybe his management is lying about his illness’ strikes me as an explanation based on the assumption that the story of his illness is true)

    • Lohengrin

      Is not that enough: “All the information contained in the article published in “La Nacion” on March 27th (……) is completely untrue.”

      • aulus agerius

        Well, for one thing, ALL the information in the article is obviously NOT untrue, i.e. there is information in the article that is known to be true.

        • Lohengrin

          Which one?

  • semoyer

    So why can’t I read comments past 11.2?

  • semoyer

    It says that there are 20 comments. Where are they?

  • semoyer

    I guess I figured it out. Sub comments count.

  • And no way to see if someone replied to you except to keep coming back to the site to search.