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Two and only

Madama Butterfly

Anna Netrebko and Latonia Moore (pictured) rekindle “The Grand Opera Buzz” in Our Own JJ in an exclusive online review in the Observer. (Photo: Marty Sohl / Metropolitan Opera)

  • PCally

    Who would have thought that two of the finest performances of the season would be in a random series of Butterflies ?

  • Camille

    YES to that last paragraph, Mr Jorden!
    That’s why we Queens go to the opera!

    So happy for Latonia Moore, a beautiful voice with a wonderful high C in alt that shoud be heard in repeated Verdi roles instead of superannuated huped-out nonentities. Guess all those Hamburger Butterflys she has done paid off in this performance.

    Go for it, Latonia! We love you! You are for REAL, girl!

    • Camille

      Oh, that’s hYped-out. Where’s my glasses?

      Over-hyped, too.

  • operainsider

    Was there last night and it was a beautiful and exciting eveningt at the opera. Funny that Ms. Moore has only sang Aida and Cio Cio San each once at the Met and they were both the best singing of those roles the met has had for a decade . I hope they schedule her to do some Tosca whenever it returns. I heard very good things about her singing that role. She has a wonderful career ahead of her if she’s given the opportunity.

  • Adalgisa

    It will probably take the MET another 5 years or so to bring her back.
    They should really just leave the repertoire pieces like most of the Puccini and the usual Verdis for casting not any earlier than two years before. This way they had showcases for the upcoming artists. Never mind for the artists who will not be free to sing at the MET at that late a notice. If you can have a run there, you free your calendar. If you don’t care to sing there, even five years notice won’t help. Yes, I am looking at you, Herr Kaufmann!

    • Lohengrin

      Illness comes abruptly, does not care a more or less long advanced planning…………..

    • The Poet Lenski

      Moore is back for a handful of Aidas next season. I agree, though, that she deserves to be a more prominent face at the Met in general. She is singing many roles (not just Aida) as good or better than most of the active singers in her rep.

      • damekenneth

        Jonathan Friend probably sees her, as he did Soviero, as a “really good cover.” Why is he still in that job?

        • overstimmelated

          The Met hasn’t overlooked Moore completely since her debut -- she did have Aidas scheduled last season, but withdrew due to pregnancy.

      • BEtter!

  • Will

    Wow! What a great and exciting review. Given Ms. Moore’s Aida I am not surprised at her triumph as Butterfly — I would love to hear her as Leonore should the MET bring back its so-so Forza del Destino production — or perhaps do a new one with her.

  • JohninSeattle

    “the auditorium looked like the N train during rush hour”

    For those of us who don’t live in NYC, can we get an assist on the reference?

    • Operngasse

      It means every space, sitting and standing, occupied and then some.

      • JohninSeattle

        mille grazie, Operngasse!

    • pavel

      The N train is one of the routes of the New York subway system.

    • Camille

      It ain’t the Monorail, the most fun ride in the Emerald City!

      Be glad you don’t deal with the N train, or for that matter, a crowded 2/3 or 4/5 train is no picnic, either. Although lately, due to the campaign for a tad more politeness on trains, it is a little more tolerable--why, I even saw some guys offer to give up their seat for a pregnant woman whereas I have formerly seen guys blithely gaze at their navels as some poor gravid woman struggles to stay in place while verticle. They are also getting so they offer a seat to exhausted old women (that would be ME) with big parcels and bags. Some trains are all sleeper trains, though, and you are just shit out of luck if you get on at the wrong time.

      I really have to find out about that Z train sometime….maybe it takes you to Europe. I know when I get on the N going to Brooklyn College I felt like I was on it as long as a flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

      • Camille

        Oh no, the N goes to Coney Island, don’t want to lend my confusion abiut trains to others--sorry there. Just don’t remember how now I arrived at Brooklyn College after what felt like days on some train.

  • Ilka Saro

    In the photo she bears quite a resemblance to our First Lady. Separated at birth?

    • LT

      They look nothing alike. Also, Latonia is actually pretty.

  • Constantine A. Papas

    Even listen on Sirius, Netrebko’s recital was an event to treasure for a long time.