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Le cirque des étoiles

florez berserkOf all films to be adapted into operas, 1967’s Berserk! seems a most unlikely choice, particularly with Juan Diego Flórez in the role of tough-as-nails ringmistress Monica Rivers.

  • messa di voce

    In the immortal quip of one critic: “Diana Dors -- forgotten but not gone.”

  • And how exactly do you Ty Hardin??????

  • phoenix

    They wanted jdf for those shrieking high-pitched screams on the soundtrack.

    • Ilka Saro

      And I believe that Berserk is the movie to immortalize that line: “Kill Kill Kill”

  • aulus agerius

    Doesn’t make me think in the least bit of a teenaged lover. Makes me think of someone very self-consciously trying to get the most voice possible out of a small body.

  • Will

    I am surprised to her Juan Diego essentially brutalizing that lovely aria. I do believe that much more of it is meant to be in lower dynamic ranges and with an easier, more lyric tone. This was just yelling.

  • gustave of montreal

    Not bad at all. I would love to hear what he would do with Werther or Le Jongleur.

  • Cocky Kurwenal

    I think a lot of what Florez does in this aria is very beautiful, but he is trying a bit too hard, as if he isn’t completely sure of his mandate to sing pure lyric rep as opposed to the leggiero stuff we know him for. I think if he sings it with his usual finesse, refinement, and his own voice, it will be a great new chapter and create a lot of extra interest. But if he carries on like this then I fear we’re hearing the beginning of the end.

  • none

    I have just listened to the beautiful aria Ah, Leve-toi Soliel from Romeo and Juliette sung by Juan Diego Florez and I was so disappointed! Why did he sing at such a slow pace? It just destroyed it. And was that supposed to be Juliette rolling around the floor behind him? Very strange.

    • gustave of montreal

      Agreed that he sings very lento. He doesnt seem too at ease just before Parais! Parais! where he makes an awkward pause.
      Good morning