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Divas, they’re just like us

IRTJust when La Cieca thought it was impossible for her adoration for Anna Netrebko to grow any more abject, she has run across this photo on Facebook. Yes, that’s right: today, less than 24 hours before her New York debut recital, Anna, with son Tiago and sister Natasha, took the 1 train down to Canal Street for an afternoon of shopping and noodle-slurping in Chinatown.

  • All-knowing Earth Goddess

    Anna will have a big success tomorrow. And taking the subway to Canal Street, rather than a limo to Madison Ave., shows that she’s one of us.

  • Constantine A. Papas

    Absolutely! Anna, the most famous and celebrated opera singer of our time, she has never left us. She carries on with her life like any working mother. Her over 40 albums- DVDs and CDs- in the last 15 years, a staggering number by any measure, has not change her humble persona. I’m not surprised. I met Anna at a reception at Carnegie Hall right after her 2007 debut. I shook hands with her, congratulated her, and told her how much I enjoyed her performance. She blushed!

  • phoenix

    • Cuban_Stallion

      I do not understand the relevance but thank you for this, it was just A-MA-ZING. When you recall that Judy was born in 1922, what can I say???

      • phoenix

        You are very welcome -- Glad you enjoyed it.
        — The ‘relevance’? Actually I was using Judy Judy Judy to steel myself for the whoopla of this afternoon’s anna anna anna recital, but all the hype got to me anyway and I fainted sometime after 5 pm, before the end of the Tchaikovsky set.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Hope she didn’t burn her mouth on the hot soup.

  • Satisfied

    Should you require any more reason to adore her, I have it on good authority that her text messaging habits consist mostly of emojis :-)

    Hearing that only made me love her more.