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Intorno a me s’oscura il ciel!

The Manon Lescaut identification quiz, which La Cieca thought would be pretty much a cakewalk, turned out vastly more challenging than she imagined. Congratulations, at any rate, to Jacobelli, the only participant in the quiz to identify more than half of  the abandoned ladies in question. The full roster follows the jump.  

  1. Licia Albanese   Met   1956
  2. Pilar Lorengar   Berlin   1971
  3. Virginia Zeani   Barcelona   1971
  4. Gilda Cruz-Romo   Met   1973
  5. Raina Kabaivanska   Met   1966
  6. Elena Souliotis   Naples    1971
  7. Adriana Maliponte   Met   1985
  8. Gianna Galli   RAI   1965
  9. Renée Fleming   Moscow   2008
  10. Teresa Zylis-Gara   Met   1981
  11. Veronica Villaroel   Santiago   2007
  12. Maria Slatinaru   Verona   1984
  13. Rosalind Plowright   London   1984
  14. Sylvia Sass   La Scala   1978
  15. Eva-Maria Westbroek   Baden-Baden   2014


  • armerjacquino

    So Fleming/Callas/Price was Fleming after all! Congratulations to Jacobello.

    • armerjacquino

      Ok, this phone is going out of the window. That’s Jacobelli.

  • jacobelli

    Thank you, armerjacquino.

    I loved this quiz, but it was SO hard. I just don’t have a good enough ear or the historical knowledge to ever get them all correct. I spent hours and hours over a period of days finding recordings on Youtube and comparing them to the clips and I just couldn’t get anymore than 8 right. A few that I was pretty sure were right (Kirsten, Petrella) turned out to be wrong, and a few singers I never even heard of before (Souliotis, Maliponte) I found through the hints that were given. I also have never heard of Gianna Galli or Maria Slatinaru and did not come across any of their recordings online.

    I’m kind of annoyed that I didn’t get Lorengar or Kabaivanska, because I kept returning to their recordings and comparing them to the clips, but I couldn’t find where they fit in.

    And yes, #9 was Fleming and not Callas. I kept listening to that clip repeatedly, and the more I did, the more I heard Fleming. But I hate to change a first guess unless I’m sure, so I left it as Callas.

    Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I feel that I learned a lot, so thank you to La Cieca and to Chris Corwin for offering this identification quiz, and hopefully we’ll have some more soon.

    • armerjacquino

      You hadn’t heard of Suliotis before? You have a WORLD of exciting, overdone, short-lived fun ahead of you.

  • mia apulia

    I am not sharp enough to bother entering these things, but on this one I was even worse than usual, only getting Fleming. Missed some singers I have always liked! And not the first time I have been impressed with Slatinaru (not knowing until know that it was her). Did anyone here ever hear Slatinaru in person? and, if so, what was it like?

    • mia apulia

      “until now” of course

    • Krunoslav

      I heard Slatinaru as a scratchy, dull Tosca in San Francisco in 1985 with Giacomini and Morris-- two singers I heard be terrific at other times-- both also at less than their best, doubtless due to the hack in the pit ( Cillario) and the uninspired leading lady. One could hear, though, that it had once been at least a tolerably good lirico-spinto, darkish in color. But it was worn, tending to pitchiness and was used without imagination.

      • Lady Abbado

        I posted a while ago several Slatinaru clips here -- a Youtube search returns quite a few, ranging from German to Italian and French opera, and from studio recordings to concert performances. I’ve heard her signature role was Tosca but I especially like her in La Forza del Destino & Le Nozze di Figaro:

        Me pellegrina ed orfana

        Madre pietosa, vergine!

        Dove Sono

      • oscar

        Her Toscas at SF Opera were not good but just 2 years earlier I heard her sing Gioconda in the same house and she was quite good.

        • mia apulia

          the Slatinaru clips make me wonder how well she recorded and just how large the voice was (it sounds pretty damn big); sorry to hear about the SF Toscas; I know she sang a couple Toscas at the Met and never went (never was asked?) back…..