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Come una mosca prigioniera l’ali batte il piccolo cuor!

Ana María Martínez will sing her first Met performances of Cio-Cio-San in Puccini’s Madama Butterfly on February 19 and 22, replacing Hei-Kyung Hong, who is ill,” says the Met press office.

  • fletcher

    I’m eager to hear how she does, since I’m on the fence about seeing Butterfly next month in LA. It’s not an opera I like very much, but AMM is a real star and might make it worthwhile.

  • The Poet Lenski

    Wondering if this means the ever-intelligent Hong has decided not to add this role to her repertoire, and we’ll soon get the announcement that Martinez is picking up all of Hong’s performances.

  • chicagoing

    Awhile back in a profile in Opera News Ms. Martinez remarked, ” I admire the Met. It is such a special place… I am noticeable by my absence.” Happy for her to finally have the opportunity to appear on the Met stage in a starring role.

  • antikitschychick

    Hurray for Ana Maria Martinez and toi toi toi!! If she picks up all of Hong’s performances I will definitely try and catch this during the beginning of March.

  • Satisfied


    Saw her Nedda in an otherwise blah night at the LA Opera last year, and was so utterly impressed. I don’t even care who is in this production with her, but I’m there.

    • fletcher

      Stefano Secco (who’s sharing the role of Hoffmann with Kaufmann in Paris next season) is Pinkerton. I’ve never heard him but I’ve seen good things said about him here, in a pun-filled thread a week or so ago.

      • armerjacquino

        You’ve heard of Stephen Fry, now meet…

      • The Poet Lenski

        Roberto De Biasio, Gwyn Hughes Jones and Roberto Alagna are singing Pinkerton. Secco has no scheduled performances as Pinkerton.

        • fletcher

          I was referring to Los Angeles, sorry.

        • Krunoslav

          “Gwyn Hughes Jones ”

          Best Pinkerton since Browning Mummery!

  • la vociaccia

    Love Martinez and am happy to see her getting this but I do hope Hong doesn’t pull out of the entire run. I was really looking forward to that role debut.

  • redbear

    Speaking of blackface, one of my favorite memories is Martina Arroyo after her San Diego opening night as Butterfly. It was her first and last. She was very funny and didn’t like her effort. “Too much tragedy?” I asked. “No, it was that damned kimono! Not exactly a good look for me.” Her singing was splendid.

    • oscar

      Didn’t she joke about that? She referred to herself not as Madame Butterfly, but as Madame Butterball.

    • Krunoslav

      Martina Arroyo sang 8 Cio-Cio-Sans for the Met from 1965 to 1971.

      • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin

        One of Arroyo’s Met Pinkertons was George Shirley!!! I wonder if he was made to wear whiteface?

  • phoenix

    Met website lists Roberto De Biasio as Pinkerton for the February nights(and some later April performances).

    Something about him reminds me of Neil Schicoff.
    -- Live audio of 19 February performance scheduled to be broadcast on the internet (Met Opera Live) as well as Sirius-XM, but the 22 February performance is not.

  • SF Guy

    Martinez has also replaced Stoyanova in this summer’s Don Carlo in San Francisco with Fabiano, Kwiecien and Pape.

    • mrsjohnclaggart

      Martinez has quite a story, which I’m not going to tell. But I knew her when she started, quite well, knew her father, also, and her then boyfriend who had … secrets shall we say … dad guessed then found out… She is absolutely first rate, was then and is now, with a touch of greatness. Her voice was not really large back then or even about seven years ago but the quality is special. I hope finally it all comes together for her, she is much, much better than what one hears too often now and those who are pushed.

      Hong is one of my all time favorites but is getting on to be doing this role for the first time. I hope she does some performances and is great. If anyone has the technique and intelligence to solve problems in the role she does.

      • phoenix

        +1 ‘much better than … those who are pushed’

    • Satisfied

      Thanks to a San Fran wedding, I’m going to that too :-)

  • chicagoing

    I was just reminded that Patricia Racette was originally announced for this run of Butterfly performances and that following her decision to retire the role Hei-Kyung Hong was announced as stepping in.