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Ah, cruel! La bronchite s’accompagne d’une toux profonde!

“Madame Anna Netrebko, souffrant d’une bronchite aiguë, ne sera pas en mesure d’assurer le rôle de Leonora pour la représentation du spectacle Il Trovatore ce jeudi 11 février,” reads a press release from the Opéra national de Paris. 

In a prepared statement, Mme. Netrebko explained to her public, “Dîtes-moi comment que j’éxpie ce peché si fort. Toujours remplie, je ne peux pas résister encore. O Dieux, arrachez-moi! Ce feu fatal allume ma mort! Voilà mon coeur! C’est là que ta main doit frapper. Prête-moi ton épée. Frappe!”

  • antikitschychick

    Was looking at the 16/17 season schedule for Opera de Paris and noticed there is a huge banner across the top of the website with the announcement, in English, of AN’s bronchitis. Hope she is able to recover in time for the broadcast.
    As a side note the lineup for their 16/17 looks very good.

    • YigeLi

      The broadcast is exactly on Feb. 11. Or, I guess Lissner would try again to hold the news until last second as he did for the previous performance.

      • antikitschychick

        oh sh*t you’re right. Bummer. Could they reschedule the broadcast?

        • armerjacquino

          Look on the bright side! There’s already a DVD of Netrebko doing Leonora live, whereas He is an interesting artist who is not often broadcast.

          • antikitschychick

            Oh for sure. I’m just sorry for those that had tix to the performance (manou, et al) and were excited to see her in this role. I was also looking forward to seeing her in another production of Il Trov as well but am very glad I got to see her live at the Met. But yes good for Hui He; she’s a great singer from what I can tell. NPW reported that she may have been having some nerves during the performance he saw. Hopefully she’ll have conquered the jitters by the 11th! And Ludovic Tezier is a fine Di Luna I’m sure. Not sure about Alvarez and Semenchuk but guess I shall see.

            • armerjacquino

              I think I’ll save my pennies to see Pirozzi as Leonora at CG this summer. She sounds like a really exciting prospect.

          • antikitschychick

            hmm…Pirozzi. Don’t think I’ve heard of her but will look her up on Youtube later if I have time; have to read for class now. Although I mean if she’s singing Leonora at CG she must be very good. Hope you get your pennies’ worth! ;-).

    • Link to Paris’s 2016-3017 season:

      • The speed at which top seat prices have gone from 180/190 euros to over 250 is dizzying.

        Booking opened yesterday, and by the time I got on a computer yesterday evening, high prices or not, the best seats for some performances were already sold out.

        • fletcher

          Does ONP use dynamic pricing ? I’m paying €140 each for Meistersinger tickets in the second balcony -- seems awfully steep, but then they were purchased only a month before the performance.

          • No, my remark meant over the past few years, not within the season! Please don’t give them more ideas!

      • fletcher

        Any clues on who might sing Bénédict ?

        • They must be using a version of the score in which it is a silent role. Or excised.

      • Chenier631

        What a great cast for the Jan. Lohengrins in Paris.
        That is, if JK doesn’t cancel.


        • The painful prices for Lohengrin presumably factor his presence in, yet I doubt we will all get a 20-euro note each as we enter if he doesn’t show up.

      • Oops, 1,000 years too long…

  • phoenix

    I like Anna Pirozzi, too. Here’s one for armerjac: