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When the naysayers ‘nay’ you pick up your pace

“Chee’s novel charts Berne’s course from the mid-19th-century snowbound Minnesotan frontier, to the tents of a roving circus troupe, to the bowels of the Tuileries in Second Empire France, to the basket of a hot-air balloon hurtling away from Paris during the bloodshed of the Commune. Along the way, there are cameos from the likes of Giuseppe Verdi, Ivan Turgenev, George Sand, Emperor Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie, the courtesan Cora Pearl, and, most fascinating of all, the Comtesse de Castiglione, Imperial mistress and likely spy.” [Vogue]

  • Gualtier M

    Why don’t you fess up, La Cieca -- you have purchased the rights to this novel and are looking to have it produced as a multi-million dollar internationally funded motion picture spectacular -- with you starring as Lilliet Berne. As if you could still play a teenager! We all know that Taylor Swift is the perfect Lilliet! Give it up, Norma Desmond! You are a Herodias at this point, not a Salomé!!

  • mercadante

    Just started reading this today on Kindle. It’s definitely a fun read and well crafted. But for some reason quotation marks are absent so dialogue is challenging to read. Chee really captures time and place; but some of the musical references seem a bit off. I doubt Verdi would have suggested a revival of I Masnadieri to the heroine in 1882, especially considering she’s a falcon. I also doubt Abigaile’s aria would have been her audition aria of choice in 1867, but ok.

  • Sempre liberal

    …you said “Nothing’s gonna stop me so get outta my face!”

    I sing this far too often.