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Se il destassi… no, peloso!

“The one glitch was a much-publicised fiasco in the bear-pit of Milan’s La Scala, where in 1998 she was booed after her performance in Donzietti’s Lucrezia Borgia. ‘It was tough, especially as I was going through a divorce at the same time’.” [The Telegraph]

  • CwbyLA

    I like her positive attitude. She has managed her career admirably and has given many outstanding performances over the years.

    • KennethC

      Careful … or you’ll be placed on moderation.

  • theszak

    Opera at the Cinema, in City and Town Squares, in Supermarkets… all are interesting venues for those of us tolerating some of the deficient highfalutin traditional audience experiences in concert halls and opera houses.

    >”HD cinema broadcasts have also had a huge impact: Fleming is a great admirer (and occasional compère) of the Met’s presentations in this field, but she acknowledges that they are draining local audiences away from the real thing. “In an ideal world, I think there should be some sort of cordon: in New York, for instance, they shouldn’t be screened in the tri-state region. Sports venues have the same problem incidentally; it’s not confined to high culture.” -Rupert Christiansen. Renée Fleming: ‘Live cinema is a threat to opera’

    • I particularly like the way she cites attendance statistics and scientifically conducted polls to support her hypothesis.

      • damekenneth

        Dorothy Bishop nailed it in her “Renee Fleming sings jazz number” at the recent evening of spoofs, “12 Divas,” brilliantly written and directed by our own JJ. I am still sore from laughter.
        Dame K

  • PCally

    If I remember correctly she was fairly excited about HD screenings when they first began.

  • perfidia

    An Oscar for the photoshopping.