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Ott and proud

“Baritone Jarrett Ott (bottom) in Philadelphia, with current boyfriend Adam Franklin (top) who is the Artistic Administrator at The Santa Fe Opera, for performances of Verdi’s La Traviata.” [Operafresh]

  • Will

    What an absolutely delightful picture of two handsome and vivacious young men.

    • anotherjj

      Would be hot to do a threeway with them both! Lol

  • RobNYNY

    I wish people would not say “current” boyfriend.

    • pirelli

      Agreed -- that’s incredibly tacky. Would people want to be referred to as having a “current wife” or “current husband”? I mean, even Elizabeth Taylor would probably have hated that…;-)

      • tiger1

        Not only tacky but offensive and borderline homophobic, like the assumption is that all gays are inherently serial monogamist (if even that).

        • Cicciabella

          I’m sure you are reading the implications right, but in the West we seem to be moving away from the basic assumption of lifelong monogamy. Mariella Frostrup, The Guardian’s agony aunt, has this take on the subject:

          Maybe using the word “current” which, I, agree with you, is insulting, is part of the trend to let go of the (unrealistic?) expectation that people will/want to stay together forever.

          • quoth the maven

            I wouldn’t read too much into it--it just strikes me as an amateurish bit of editing. It isn’t The New Yorker, it’s a DIY blog. (Not there aren’t distinguished examples of the patter, viz. Parterre Box.)

            • quoth the maven

              of the LATTER

  • anotherjj

    At least we now know who’s the bottom and who’s the top lol.

    • pirelli

      is Franklin a tenor? ;-)

      • knowingclam

        Who knows? But he does work in the artistic administration office at Santa Fe Opera.

  • DerLeiermann

    I love me some innuendo.

  • David

    Quite strapping