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Atre Furie, volate a me!

While legendary NYCO soprano Lauren Flanigan has, alas, not been singing very frequently lately, she recently has turned her laser-like focus to that other essential aspect of the diva’s job description, that of Raising Righteous Hell. 

The Fantabulous Ms. F yesterday went on a downright spectacular rampage on her Facebook page on the subject of recent operatic developments here in Gotham, and La Cieca is delighted to preserve her wild and whirling words in the following series of screenshots.

  • Atta Girl!!!!!!!!!! From a fellow BU School of Music Alumni, same time period!(I graduated in 1979): She went on to earn a Bachelor of Music degree from Boston University where she was a voice student of Mac Morgan.( my teacher was Eunice Alberts)

  • huswest12

    Salzburg Press Release.

    “Serious illness has compelled Johan Botha to cancel all his performances until the end of March 2016. To his great regret, this includes Otello with Christian Thielemann at the Salzburg Easter Festival. The Festival also very much regrets this cancellation, and would like to wish Johan Botha all the best and a speedy recovery.”

    Fortunately, we have succeeded at very short notice in engaging one of the world’s most in-demand tenors for the title role: José Cura will sing Otello, a role that he has already sung several times in the course of his career.

    • manou

      ….shouldn’t that be “the coarse of his career”?

  • PCally

    Jesus that’s an absolutely insane post. Not sure whether I should praise her take no prisoners attitude or wonder if she’s ok?

    • la vociaccia

      How about both?

    • armerjacquino

      It’s only insane if it’s not true. If what she’s saying is true than it’s pretty righteous and justified (I have no idea if it’s true or not btw).

      • PCally

        Well when I said insane it wasn’t so much saying “holy shit, she’s insane” it was more like “holy shit, that’s super intense and brave of her to go off like that”. I also have no knowledge of whether it’s to. I’m frankly not even sure what the hubbub is about lol.

  • Operanaut

    Attended yesterday afternoon’s “Tosca” and quite enjoyed Latonia Moore. If in fact Capasso was stage directing that probably explains the mishap with the shepherd’s song in Act III, where the first few lines were not sung. From my seats I could see the young girl singing the part (who I think is Capasso’s daughter) in the wings with a look of panic when the mic she was using did not work (or perhaps was not turned on).

    At curtain call, the Cavaradossi (Raffaele Abete) tried to bring her out for a bow, but she was having none of it.

    Not the kind of thing a professional stage manager would allow to happen, I suspect.

    In any case, it was an enjoyable enough afternoon, if only for the excellent Tosca of Ms. Moore.

  • In honor of Ms. Flanigan:

    • CwbyLA

      Love the glottal attacks! What a fiery performer Gencer was!

      • Will

        More demented than Callas — the chasm between the top and the chest is both alarming and thrilling. This IS Medea.

  • JohninSeattle

    #TeamFlanigan because of this irreducible kernel of truth:

    “I FIRMLY believe that if your 501c3 is revoked for failure to file taxes then you don’t get another shot at another company where you will be custodian of millions”

    I sooooo wanna have bevvies with her and Mrs. Claggart. Ladies, drinks are on me.

    • JohninSeattle

      I got to see her twice in Seattle and she was tremendous. Much love to her in her struggle.

    • meowiaclawas

      “I FIRMLY believe that if your 501c3 is revoked for failure to file taxes then you don’t get another shot at another company where you will be custodian of millions”

      I find this a very peculiar and ironic comment coming from someone who was unable to manage her own money and ultimately declared bankruptcy (bankruptcy date: 9/2000).

      It would appear that the DiCapo General Manager is not the only one who cannot be a “custodian” of money…

      • There is a difference between personal and business bankruptcy.

      • armerjacquino

        And the award for bitchiest irrelevant intervention goes to…

  • PCally

    I must be a little dim but can someone fill me in on exactly what she’s talking about? It seems a little too ranty to be fully comprehensible.

    • la vociaccia

      In shortest form possible:

      -The NYCO Renaissance idea was/is controversial
      -Lauren Flanigan (a life-long member of the NYCO family) privately expressed her disinterest in the idea with the administration (specifically the frequently mentioned Capasso, who directed the now-defunct Dicapo Opera prior to assuming this role at NYCO Renaissance)
      -After Ms. Wheeler (in the facebook thread linked) accused Flanigan of being “vitriolic” and proclaimed that “NYCO is moving on without [her],” Flanigan decided to no longer make her thoughts on NYCO Renaissance private any longer.

      • la vociaccia

        …..that last sentence was worded poorly. Anyway.

        • PCally

          alright thanks, that’s what I a figured. I understood her not supporting it but the sudden conversation at the bottom seemed to come out of nowhere and I wasn’t sure what was happening.

      • JohninSeattle

        la vociaccia, that’s how I read it as well. When you filter out the ranty, that is exactly what I came up with as well.

        Going back isn’t as advantageous as going forward. She is an artist who goes forward. So, yeah, not her cuppa.

    • Howling in Tune

      The cause for this particular exchange between Lauren and Ms. Wheeler seems to be Lauren’s statement that it was Michael Capasso who actually staged this Tosca and not the credited director of the production, Lev Pugliese.

      Anyone here know whether or not Pugliese was actually ill and didn’t make the rehearsals?

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    I never knew that Mary Martin sang Medea.

  • antikitschychick

    Well I can’t really contribute to this discussion as I don’t know enough about the inner workings of (what was) NYCO or NYCO Renaissance but I did want to say I think I have found a kindred spirit in Ms. Flanigan when it comes to matters one wishes to write about passionately :-D.

  • zinka

    BRAVA to Lauren!!!! You do not have Leylas and Marisas and Scottos around these parts.

    Lauren sang with balls…agree or not…I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • phoenix

    What’s done is done …

  • olliedawg

    Don’t know Ms. Flanagan or much about her singing career. Her rant is TMI, IMHO, and about simmering anger about issues other than the topic(s) at hand.

    • Gualtier M

      Ms. Flanigan didn’t post this to Parterre but to her friends on Facebook. She has since taken the post down. The nasty exchange at the bottom was precipitated by an enthusiastic friend mentioning that (the very young and cute) Lev Pugliese (ebreo?) directed the production. Lauren then proffered that Capasso was responsible for most of the direction. That is when Valerie Wheeler appeared and threw shade at our diva. BEWARE TO THOSE WHO THROW SHADE AT DIVAS. TMI is the least of it…

      • olliedawg

        GualtierM: Thanks for the clarification, and I completely agree about throwing shade @ divas!

        Ms. Flanagan’s public snit reminds me of why I, an owner of technology business, has never been inclined to create a personal Facebook page. Even our business FB page seldom has much activity because of trolls, antagonists, flame-throwers, and shitheads who loiter with intent. It’s too easy for these miscreants to post vitriol and skedaddle under a rock. It’s just as easy, however, to be be lured into intemperate posts which, with hindsight, are better written as “draft,” and then deleted with stroke of the keypad..

  • The Poet Lenski

    Kinda like the recent Tonya Pinkins/Mother Courage situation, what Flanigan’s saying ain’t wrong. Some people just don’t seem to like the way she’s saying it.