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Must love dog

“You can’t imagine anyone else writing an opera that sounds like this one, though you devoutly wish someone would.” Our Own JJ reviews Dog Days and other offerings from the PROTOTYPE festival. [Observer]

  • pasavant

    Hilarious bit of tongue-in-cheek! How did you keep a straight face?

  • Jack Jikes

    Great review JJ! I still feel as if I were struck by lightning,
    Things I would ordinarily find distancing -- amplified voices, adults playing young teens -- the production made palpable. Little is a great artist -- John Adams and Robert Wilson use amplification in a similar fashion. It is also one of the most trenchant uses oh multi-media I have ever encountered. A painfully touching moment -- the mother
    standing in fear by the side of the bed, not wanting to confront her hunger and grotesque circumstance. I thought the arias for the daughter were particularly beautiful. What a night!