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Klyatvy byli skazany

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Yusif Eyvazov, who were married in Vienna just now. The bride, née Anna Netrebko, was attended by her son Tiago in a jaunty hat.

  • phillyoperalover [Thanks for this YouTube link: I have inserted it into the posting above. -- LC]

  • La Cieca is told that “Klyatvy byli skazany” is a conventional phrase equivalent to our “Vows Said.” If anyone has an idiomatic Russian phrase for “softly cascading organza panels,” La Cieca will be happy to incorporate it into the story.

    • manou

      “Mi?agko kaskadnye organza paneli”

  • How traditional! Except for Kirkorov on his smartphone.

    Salutations to the happy couple.

    The bride is beautiful. Though of course we already knew that.

  • mercadante

    She does look stunning! He’s even beginning to grow on me a bit. Best wishes to both.

  • Chimene

    She looks radiant and really loves this man, and he loves her… Best wishes to them both, and a toast to a long and happy relationship…

  • Cingrats to Anna! He seems to be the guy who makes her laugh and he certainly looks like he is madly in love with her. I hope he makes her and Thiago extremely happy.

  • javier

    Anna marries another colleague. Good luck.

  • gustave of montreal

    Congratulations to you both, you have understood that you must get married if you wish to divorce later.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Hail to the bride and groom! But if that gorgeous wedding dress costs more than one million Euros, how many weddings is she planning on having? She’s such a great shopper and knows how to have fun. That blue gem she is wearing is larger than the one in the Titanic movie,

    • steveac10

      It was the diamond tiara that was worth a million Euro, not the dress. She’s famous enough it was likely loaned to her by the jeweler for the occasion.

  • Donna Anna

    Was this a traditional civil ceremony? I was hoping for the crowns in the Russian Orthodox tradition.
    But whatever, it’s official and I wish them a long life of happiness and good health. Za lyoobof! Gorka!

  • Congrats to the happy couple but what is that guy doing continually filming the ceremony. Is that the best man’s duty in Russia to take constant selfies.? Who is that guy anyway--someone famous?

    • Filip Kirkorov is a Russian pop singer who is famous in his own right, but was perhaps best known for being married for a decade to Alla Pugacheva, one of the most celebrated pop stars in the former Soviet Union.

      Kirkorov is also a media personality in Russia, hosts television shows, etc. It is widely rumored that he is gay, but as is common in Eastern Europe, a lot of his fans do not recognize this. He is at least not hypocritical about it, and signed a letter opposing a law against “homosexual propaganda” in St Petersburg. He is also the type of celebrity who has a reputation for being short-tempered, has been accused of assault, etc. He and Netrebko are personal friends (she defended him during his assault allegations), and she sings in one of his (truly atrocious) music videos.

  • atomicwings

    He’s a Russian pop singer with a “colorful” past named Philip Kirkorov.

  • atomicwings

    Anna Netrebko and Philipp Kirkorov -- La Voix (English Version)

  • Well whoever he is he needs to get a haircut and then get that wild look out of his eyes.