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E il ciel non ha più fulmini?

“Els tenors José Cura i Carl Tanner cantaran el rol d’Otello en l’òpera de Verdi en substitució d’Aleksandrs Antonenko, qui ha cancellat la seva participació per raons personals. Les sopranos Ermonela Jaho i Maria Katzarava cantaran el rol de Desdemona a l’Otello de Verdi en substitució de Carmen Giannattasio, qui s’ha vist obligada a cancellar la seva participació.” [Gran Teatre del Liceu]

  • Oh hahaha yessssss

  • February 2016? Crikey…

  • kennedet

    I hope Jose Cura is in better vocal shape than the last time I heard him. I couldn’t determine his high pitches because of a very damaged vibrato. Are these decision makers hearing impaired??!!

  • Camille

    Nice chance for Carl Tanner.

    I love to see Catalan once in a great while--used to have a dictionary of it for no good reason. It’s sort of like drinking too much Armagnac and trying to parlez en français--or something akin to it.

    Surprised to hear that Cura is still ridin’ that pony, though. At least Elena Obratzsova liked it when he sang for her in that grand finale farewell the Bolshoi gave her a little more than a year ago. Mah….

    • “I love to see Catalan once in a great while”. For obvious reasons, reading it immediately whisks me off to Barcelona -- and better weather.

  • Will

    What nobody has commented on, so I will bring it up, is to speculate on the reasons for Antonenko’s withdrawal. He has had some successes at the MET but the majority of the press opinion and of the reviews here was that he really hadn’t got the role firmly in hand. I felt that his Otello, to be charitable, had to be considered a work in progress. Has anyone heard anything about why he withdrew?

    • Porgy Amor

      I was charitable in calling it a work in progress when I watched the Salzburg video of 2008, from the first time he sang it. After seven years in which he’s sung many concert and staged performances of the role, I’ve decided that the recent Met version is his ceiling for interpretation. The only real difference is that the voice isn’t as fresh or steady.

      I don’t know about the reasons for withdrawing. He had health issues over the summer and canceled things then too.

    • Bill

      Will -- Having seen Antonenko’s Otello in the new
      production of Otello at the Met this autumn, I do not believe I should bother to go see him do the role again.
      In the last Otellos with Stoyanova at the Met, Cura
      with sometimes only a thread of a voice and when there was a voice, it was three different voices, was still and all far more interesting.

      • Resistopiu

        Antonenko was right on the edge at the ROH Cav and Pag I was glad the night I went he was only singing Canio. Carmen Giannattasio has also cancelled the Trovatore at ROH in July. A somewhat way off cancelleation no reason given. Strange considering her well recieved Nedda.

        • Cocky Kurwenal

          That’s interesting, I didn’t know Ginnattasio had cancelled the Trov. I thought her Nedda was very enjoyable but slightly on the edge. I wonder if Trov has become uncomfortable.

          Antonenko doesn’t seem to be delivering on initial promise -- his singing has steadily become less disciplined and more shouty, unfortunately. If he’d carried on able to produce the same sort of line he had in the Met Rusalka I think he’d have really become a treasurable artist. As it is, he’s effective, and it’s still an extraordinary voice, but he isn’t special or memorable.

          • Resistopiu

            I actually found him very memorable but not for the right reasons! there was quite a lot of very mediocre singing in the Cav and Pag, for once it didn’t bother me at all, the whole performances were so good, and I thought the production one of the best for a long while.

            • Cocky Kurwenal

              I agree that overall it was one of the best things I’ve seen at the ROH recently -- I enjoyed the whole thing hugely. I couldn’t really have criticised it the night I saw it, but as time goes by it starts to occur to one what could have been more polished. And I don’t think I’d have any complaints about Antonenko had I not seen him a few times early on once he came to the major opera houses with which we are familiar (Met Rusalka, ROH Otello with Harteros).

            • Resistopiu

              Only just noticed that Antonenko is ill and didn’t sing on 29th nor tonight. Yonghoon Lee sings Turiddu and Kristian Benedikt Canio. Wish I was going. Saw Lee on 13th he was very good.

  • Camille

    La Cieca, please———
    I do feel that a new tagline, named “PER RAONS PERSONALS” would be entirely inorder around here. It has a certain zuh nuh say pah to it, no?

  • I have tickets to the second to the last night of the season. I was so taken by Gerzmava as Liu and want to see how she acquits herself as Desdemona. I wonder if Aleksandrs Antonenko will sing Otello then or will Otello become TBA for that performance