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These old broads

Brian Kellow (not pictured) boasts, “Peggy Noonan, interviewed in last Sunday’s New York Times Book Review, mentioned that Can I Go Now? is on her nightstand.” [Facebook]

  • olliedawg

    I finished the Mengers book a few weeks ago, and it is a totally uninspired affair, with a literary style composed of lists of “then she did, then she said”. On the other hand, Kellow did provide this reader with an unexpectedly poignant, not to mention cautionary, tale about how Mengers’ refusal to adapt to new circumstances/facts led to anger, bitterness and (I think) an early grave.

  • I saw the Mengers “play” with Bette Midler. It wasn’t a play, it was a monologue and it wasn’t a very good monologue. And as much as I adore Bette Midler, she wasn’t very good.