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80, girls, 80

According to the New York Times, the Met’s pilot program of octogenarian outreach looks to be a smashing success.  

(Photo: Ken Howard)

  • EarlyRomantic


  • Uh … I don’t really get this. I think the article was meant to be cute, and Ms. Leder did enjoy herself when all was said and done. I’m glad she got to fulfill her dream and go to the Met.

    I caught a performance of the Rigoletto this week, except with Borras as the Duke. I didn’t really like Michael Mayer’s production either, and I usually like modern productions. Just didn’t think this resetting added anything.

    My thoughts here:

    • Jamie01

      Maybe the Vegas setting doesn’t add anything, but it doesn’t take away either IMO. BTW I recently saw this with my septuagenarian mother, and she didn’t bat an eye at the pole dancer. Why wouldn’t a mob hit man be hanging out at a strip club? And anyway, mom’s seen breasts before, and I suspect she even has some.

  • phoenix

    Verdi: Attila
    Ankara Opera Sahnesinde Türkiye
    22 February 2014
    Attila Tuncay Kurtoglu
    Odabella Feryal Türkoglu
    Foresto Ünüsan Kuloglu
    Enzo Serkan Kocadere
    Chorus and Orchstra of the Ankara Ballet and Opera
    Lorenzo Castrioto Skanderbeg, conductor

    • manou

      Hello phœnix -- I hope you are quite recovered and feel much better now.

      • phoenix

        Thanks & best wishes to you & yours, manou. I’m doing better now & working out like I used to.
        -- Windows 10 & OS are now the big handicaps around here.

    • CwbyLA

      wow. the soprano has no subtlety at all… she just screams her high notes and looses breath control at low notes.

  • Feldmarschallin
    • Lohengrin

      Der “Vergleich” mit Damrau ist unangebracht. SY ist ungleich authentischer als DD, die zwar “schön” singt aber diesen Frauentyp einfach nicht kann!
      The “comparison” with Damrau is inappropriate. SY is more authentic than DD, although she sings “nice” but this type of woman she can not portrait!