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The convergencing

No, this is too scary to be a coincidence. 

  • CwbyLA

    who are the people at the bottom picture?

    • Krunoslav

      Warren G. Harding and Olga Nethersole.

  • Donna Anna

    Not exactly a convergence but Cincinnati Opera announced casting for the 2016 season:

    Fledermaus, 6/16 and 18
    Nicole Cabell--Rosalinde
    Kelley O’Connor--Orlovsky
    Alek Shrader--Alfred
    Zach Borichevsky--Eisenstein
    Nicole Haslett--Adele
    Hadleigh Adams--Falke
    David Charles Abell--conductor
    Robin Guarino--director

    Fellow Travelers, world premiere. Based on the novel by Thomas Mallon. Libretto: Greg Pierce Music: Gregory Spears. June 17-July 10
    Cast features young singers: Aaron Blake, Joseph Lattanzi, Anya Matanovic, Alexandra Schoeny, Talya Lieberman. Mark Gibson conducts, Vita Tzykun directs.

    Fidelio, July 7 and 9
    This is the one not to miss, although I will
    Christine Goerke--Leonora
    Russell Thomas--Florestan
    Nathan Stark--Rocco
    Thomas Blondelle--Jacquino
    Daniel Sutin--Don Fernando
    Laura Tatulescu--Marzelline
    Jun Markl--conductor
    Chris Alexander--director

    Tosca, July 23, 26 and 29
    Evalina Dobraceva--Tosca
    Marcello Giordani (god help us)--Cavaradossi
    Gordon Hawkins--Scarpia
    Christopher Allen--conductor
    Jose Maria Condemi--director

    I’m bummed to miss Fidelio but I’ll be in Denver with at the GALA choral festival, a grand opera in itself.

    • jackoh

      I would be interested in your assessment of the May Festival lineup also.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Look Morticia, no music stands!

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Me really like Brian Jagde

    • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin

      QPF, du Teufel: mir auch! This is the kind of hunky big-assed blond that got your very own Jungfer tossed out of several convents (with threats of excommunication). Kinda makes me wish I could endure football… (but baseball will do quite nicely, thank you). Ich würde für dieser Jagde überall jagen! Danke vielmals!

      • Quanto Painy Fakor

        Apparently Brian Jagde very modest! His facebook page and website really should have more photos of him. And he’s continually growing as an artist. I’m glad he’s now in Italy, where he can try to think in Italian, and acquire more italianità. Did anyone notice that the Faust video is with Brian Hymel? Chaslin really has a nerve to post complete videos of performances he has conducted. I doubt the powers that be at Santa Fe would approve. The recent Schicoff La juive in Russia is also there.

      • Quanto Painy Fakor

        And what director worth his salt has Cavaradossi sing the majority of L’aba vindice appar with his face in the floor and his diaphragm all crumbled? Play it to the rafters next time Brian and don’t be shy about holding those high notes.

      • Quanto Painy Fakor

        I think they call them gingers now! … nie Walküren jagen!
        Was hält sie im Sattel?

    • Milly Grazie

      Hilarious production! More ham than a bacon sandwich!
      Loved the self-moving Scarpia at end Act 2 -- to save the Tosca dragging his ass back into the closet! And the shepherd boy who (apart from sounding way off key) is actually a cleaner ! Too funny!
      My god who did they hire to stage this cr*p!
      All that appalling blocking where singers are singing upstage or being upstaged by others and totally dependent on video monitors to catch the (unattractive) beat
      Ham Ham Ham from ALL of them -- takes opera production back 30 years.

  • SF Guy

    It looks like Ramon and Draculetta are in rehearsal for “The Addams Family” In Concert with the N.Y. Philharmonic, to be joined by the following distinguished cast:

    Grandmama…..Ewa Podles
    Uncle Fester…..Thomas Quasthoff
    Pugsley………….Elizabeth DeShong
    Wednesday…….Michael Fabiano
    Lurch…………….Thomas Hampson

    Coming soon to a PBS affiliate near you…

    • Batty Masetto

      And Nadja Michael as Cousin Itt! Sign me up!

      • danpatter

        Oh, you guys are so MEAN! Come sit by me.

    • ding ding

      Brilliant !

  • phillyoperalover

    rumors of SFO
    Andrea Chenier, opening night; Roberto Alagna. Co-production with NCPA (China), Royal Opera House and San Francisco Opera.
    Bright Sheng’s Dream of the Red Chamber, libretto by David Henry Hwang. September, 10-29, 2016.
    Don Pasquale, October, 2016; Laurent Pelly, dir.; Lawrence Brownlee. Co-production with Santa Fe Opera.
    Aida, October 2016, with Leah Crocetto and Brian Jagde.
    Madama Butterfly
    Maybe Boheme?

  • aulus agerius

    Any leaks yet about the OONY offering on May 4th with Angela Meade?

    • phillyoperalover

      A night of bel canto