Cher Public

In the bleak midwinter

La Cieca invites you, the cher public, to give a round of applause to our beloved sponsors for the month of December:

  • armerjacquino

    Speaking of sponsors, I’m afraid I’m going to have to decline the kind offer to give them $100 the Met has just sent me, what with living in another continent and all.

  • Feldmarschallin
    • Feldmarschallin

      Pisaroni looks very elegant in the blue velvet but her hair looks horrible. They are two different colors. But she sounds glorious.

      • Satisfied

        Thank you for this, Feld. Found the program if anyone is interested.

        • Satisfied

          This is really getting me in the mood for some classical Christmas here in NYC@. Any suggestions (other than Messiah, please…seeing that with YNS in two weeks)?

          • Bluebeard

            Well, the Clarion Music Society has a superb chorus, and its leader, Steven Fox, does wonders with them. On December 31 and January 3, they’re performing Rachmaninoff’s Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, which should be excellent based on this clip of them from last year’s Passion Week.

          • marshiemarkII

            Glad to see some love for the Clarion Society and the fabulous Steve Fox (ex Lindemann of course). They did a perfectly glorious Great Mass in C minor when the Pope was here, at the St Jean Baptiste Church, and the setting of that divine music at that church was just too much to bear, not to mention the two sopranos (or one mezzo all right), one with a pristine celestial sound, the Et incarnatus made time stand still, and the other with a huge bulky sound ready to tear into Medea, both glorious in their own way. Mozart as Mozart should be. And as you say the Choir just superb!

            On April 12, they are doing a Bel Canto program with the great Mario Chang, fresh from having sung Nemorino at the Met on April 2 and 7. Not to be missed by the Donizetti Qs, it promises to be a bel canto feast!

      • redbear

        Serge Dorny, who remains in Lyon, has just won his suit against the Semperoper who fired him in early 2014. The question is how much and the floated figure is over 800,000 euros. They should take it out of Thielemann’s salary.

        • Feldmarschallin

          I am glad at least that the talented Dorny has won. Since he left the Dresdner Oper has gone downhill and will continue to do so. Apparently there can only be one king there. You are right they should take it out of his salary and perhaps he will then be forced to conduct a few more performances per season. Surely he has the lightest workload of any GMD.

  • laddie

    I’d like to personally thank the Bayerische Staatsoper for not just one but two opportunities to see L’Orfeo this past year, one of the best online operas I have personally ever seen. David Bösch is one fine director, and, I hope that someday a company in the states will take advantage of this talented young man.

    I hope I will make it to Munich one day, but until then, Bayerische Staatsoper ROCKS!

    • laddie

      Meant to post a video as well: