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Roberto De Biasio and Gwyn Hughes Jones will sing Pinkerton in the initial performances of Puccini’s Madama Butterfly at the Met this spring, replacing Massimo Giordano, who has withdrawn due to illness. De Biasio will sing Pinkerton on February 19, 22, and 27, and Hughes Jones will sing the role on March 2 and 5.” So says the Met’s press office.

  • Operanaut

    Illness 3-4 months out?

    • tiger1

      Operanaut, what a stupid and insensitive comment (“Illness 3-4 months out?”). If he has, e.g. cancer, and is undergoing treatment, like chemo, he would know. A major operation, like a back operation, could also mean that he would be wise taking much time -- as would a voice operation.

      Mind you, I have no knowledge at all about Mr Giordano’s illness. But not all illnesses affecting singers are of the “cold”-nature.

      • armerjacquino

        Plus, of course, cancellations 3-4 months in advance happen all the time and leave the houses with plenty of time to find a replacement. It’s not as if he’s left a load of people waiting for him at the theatre. There would be simply no reason for him to lie.

  • Hippolyte

    Wow--from 10 scheduled performances at the Met this season to zero!

  • john

    He also pulled out doing Tosca in London in January, to be replaced by Ricardo Massi. So yes, he might well be quite ill.

  • aulus agerius

    I have heard Massimo Giordano 2x live (Mignon & Manon) and 1 HD (Schicchi), each time not really up to snuff. He seemed to have such potential, but unrealized.

  • Krunoslav

    Krehbiel ( I believe) ascribed Eames’ late career, post-taking on heavier roles cancellations to “Toscalitis”. This could be the same.

  • Camille

    The main clue here (“Novecentonovantanove” = 1999), is being overlooked.

    You all know that La Cieca always leaves a key in the garden.

  • frenesi

    It actually means “999” and is the term of the lease that Pinkerton has signed.

    • Camille

      oh yes, you are quite correct! I was thinking in terms of (mille)novecento…..etc., and that was mistaken.

      Still — what does it refer to? He will be sick for 999 years? I do like Robert De Biasio so would just as soon listen to him again, so no problem for me.

      • Sir Ferris

        Maybe he’s doing a duet album with Prince?

  • Speaking of struggling tenors, tomorrow marks the first time Ramon Vargas steps onstage to sing an opera in … well, a long time. Over a year at least. Was anyone at the dress rehearsal to report how he’s sounding?

  • williams

    Hi Ivy, I was similarly curious. Vargas used to be quite satisfying if a bit underpowered. Your review of him a while back was disheartening. Hard to believe I’m actually thinking of peeping the old warhorse yet again. Perhaps the time off has been felicitous. Same queries as to the Mimi.

    • armerjacquino

      I always felt that Vargas was a wonderfully sensitive, technically accomplished musician who didn’t quite have the voice to match.