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Would I not die for you, dear, if I could?

Merry Widow final dress rehearsal was a big success! Renée is simply to die for!” [Facebook]

  • Patrick Mack

    Hello from Chicago and the end of our careers!

  • Gualtier M

    Renée is definitely a MILF in that photo and Tom is dashing and distinguished in his uniform. (luckily still photos don’t sing). Hopefully the LOC production will feature more dancing and more sexual playfulness and chemistry from Nay-Nay.

    BTW: I have notice when Tom interviews Renee a certain chemistry coming from him -- he obviously finds her appealing. Hopefully that will transfer onstage.

    • tatiana

      It’s a lovely photo of the two of them. Let them have their fun!

    • messa di voce

      What’s that growing out of Renee’s forehead?

      • Gualtier M

        Busted! Looks like a head mike fixed into the wig -- however, “The Merry Widow” has dialogue and speaking voices are often acoustically enhanced in large opera houses.

    • DerLeiermann

      Would you say he’s a DILF?

      • Gualtier M

        This looks like a candid dressing room shot posted on Tom’s Facebook not an official production publicity photo. Second, Tom could be called a DILF if you go that sort of thing. I personally think he looks handsome and distinguished don’t see the “F” factor but others may. He starts talking (orating) and the “F” goes out the window…

        • armerjacquino

          No, it’s not an official pic, but theatres all have very strict social media policies. I would suggest that ‘don’t put a picture of the mics we’re trying to hide onto Facebook’ would come under that umbrella.

          • Gualtier M

            Well then Tom is busted. But the theater may not choose to complain since it is an operetta/musical theater piece. It is understood that opera singers (and most legit theater performers) require miking when then speak (and all musical theater performers these days require it when they sing).

            • armerjacquino

              What I mean is, nobody is busted. They’re using mics and they’re not trying to hide the fact. I think we’re agreeing, aren’t we?

              I don’t know if it’s different in the US, but I would take issue with the statement that ‘most legit theatre performers require miking when they speak’. The only time I’ve ever been miked at the National or in the West End is for stuff that also had singing in. The rest of the time you just project.

  • The unretouched photo is a little more troubling.

    • DerLeiermann

      Miss Fleming serving Janet Jackson realness.

    • JohninSeattle

      I love this… any chance for a signed 8 x 10?

  • javier

    she is. how she was get more beautiful? how?

  • javier

    they are wearing microphones for all of the spoken dialogue, the same as at the met last year.

  • Niel Rishoi

    I wish The Merry Widow, just once, would be mounted utilizing young, fresh singers. Just once.

    • dallasuapace

      Boston Lyric Opera is going to do The Merry Widow with Susanna Phillips and Roger Honeywell. They seem to be about the right age for those roles.

    • Donna Anna

      CCM is doing a production of Merry Widow next week. Fresh, young voices in abundance.