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“Due to illness, soprano Nadine Sierra is unable to perform. Replacing Ms. Sierra in the title role of Lucia is Russian soprano Albina Shagimuratova, who has sung the role to great success at [etc].” [San Francisco Opera]

  • Porgy Amor

    The replacement of the replacement is sick? Rough run. Well, best to Shaggy for a big success. I found her Met Lucia one of the chillier accounts of that role in my experience, but I was only hearing it on the radio.

    Speaking of SF’s original Lucia, I see that Damrau’s Carnegie Hall gig on the 6th is still being advertised. Is that her first thing back from the long rest period?

    • Porgy Amor

      The 6th of December, of course.

    • DerLeiermann

      I’m seeing her before that, in a bel canto recital with her french husband. November 22nd.

      • Porgy Amor

        Oh, nice. I’ve seen the Damrau/Testé combo in a number of operas, most recently the DVD of the Paris Traviata reviewed here, in which he was Grenvil. I like him too.

  • opera_newbie

    Also just got an email saying Greer Grimsley is out as Hans Sachs, replaced by James Rutherford.

  • javier

    I saw albina sing Lucia at LA opera a few seasons ago before her met debut in that role and she was great. She got a very enthusiastic standing ovation in the night that I attended.

  • tiertopper

    By default they will be lucky enough to get a great Lucia. She was terrific in NY last season!

  • Krunoslav

    Vocally irreproachable in L. A., but as dull a Lucia as I have ever heard.

  • DonCarloFanatic

    Completely off topic, Sirius had Rigoletto with Netrebko and Villazon today from 2005. Applause was enthusiastic. What did the cognoscenti think?

    • Greg.Freed

      Not sure I’m the cognoscenti but it was the first time I heard either singer. It was dreadfully sold out but I left work early and went to wherever it was you had to go to buy Score Desk, so I saw nothing for the first part, then I think moved to an empty seat in Family Circle. I had a feeling afterward I’d go hear whatever she was to sing (which I have) and the same for him (alas.) In my memory, he took a D at the end of “possente amor” which seems unlikely, but he certainly sang it with great bravado. She always seemed to sing a little sharp to me back then, but there was something about her singing that grabbed me by the lapels, and it wasn’t just the beauty of the voice. If memory serves I went back to hear the pair again in standing room and got Raul Melo who struggled and, poor guy, was boo’d. Anyway, that run was a hot ticket.

    • Gualtier M

      My memories are not as rosy as Mr. Freed’s. I also saw the Raul Melo show (I am now a fan of Mr. Melo from his work with Grattacielo including “Siberia” last Saturday) but also returned later on for Villazon. My memory of Villazon was that it was rather driven, overloud singing with not a great deal of technical refinement. I remember him struggling through “Possente Amor” and shouting the last note. Rolando acted well but not so well that the somewhat unrefined veristic singing was overlooked. At the time I thought another Mexican tenor with the initials “RV” was better in the role -- Ramon Vargas. Not as thin, young or as good a thespian but a better singer.

      Already at that time it seemed that Netrebko was outgrowing the lyric-coloratura fach. Not a little girl or nightingale sound but full lyric with flexibility. The voice was dark and vibrant and larger than Villazon’s. Glittering but dark and complex. I remember the word that stuck in my mind was a “black diamond”. Netrebko had attempted the E flat at the end of the “Si vendetta” duet in Act III on opening night and it hadn’t gone well -- so in all the subsequent performances she didn’t take it. Her Gilda grew up a lot in Act III and was more of a determined young woman than lost girl until the very end of the opera. She looked gorgeous back then. The title role was sung by Carlo Guelfi and I remember he ran out of gas pretty early in the game. Guelfi must have been ill because the Met database shows that he was replaced for the majority of the shows by Frederick Burchinal including once mid-opera.

    • Alex Baker

      Jeez, that decade went by fast now didn’t it…I think folks felt they were each genuinely exciting in their own, very different ways. She clearly had legit charisma and the voice to back it up and he was just willing to do whatever was necessary vocally or otherwise to keep your attention onstage, even if it occasionally didn’t sound (or look) comfortable/well thought out. His pawing of whoever played Maddalena in that run is still my standard for how much onstage petting is too much.

  • DerLeiermann

    I checked Miss Sierra’s website and it said that her Lucia run concluded on th 28th. So, she only missed the final performance, right? Her new site also announced (On october 23rd , and likely before her illness that she was to sing at the Richard Tucker Gala ) I wonder if that still is on.

    According to the Richard Tucker Music foundation site (probably the most unrealiable source) the line up is as it follows:

    Richard Tucker Music Foundation
    Gala 2015
    Piotr Beczala
    Andrea Bocelli
    Lawrence Brownlee
    Stephen Costello
    Renée Fleming
    George Gagnidze
    Angela Gheorghiu
    Christine Goerke
    Isabel Leonard
    Nadine Sierra
    Jamie Barton
    2015 Richard Tucker Award winner
    Maestro Eugene Kohn

    Who is going?