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Count or countess

“Mezzo Susan Graham’s 2015-16 Includes Count/Countess Double Act at the Met Opera in November and December” [21c Media Group]

  • fletcher

    She was a great Count Rofrano and can always tackle the Pique Dame countess later on…

  • “topped by a Count/Countess double act”, that sound like fun!

  • Just had a text message from the TCE: J. Kaufmann is ill and his Puccini recital on Thursday is cancelled.

    • moi

      Bartoli is under the weather as well, and her Scala event became an instrumental concert, that ticket owners could attend , still receiving their reimboursement for the missed event.
      On a personal note , I have a ticket to see Netrebko as Giovanna D’Arco at la Scala , it is my 3rd attempt to hear her, after cancellations in Paris and Milan…
      And I’m happy to hear Mattila in Helsinki in Dec.
      I hear that she is back in a big way… she mentioned somewhere, that hormone levels during menopause have been a challenge ….

      • moi

        And referring to some older entries…. I heard Rachvelishvili as Amneris.. and to say -- Well, yeah she is good- but best in the russian repertory..just because she is from an ex russian country…
        is almost like saying… Radwanosky and Fabiano should do Barber songs and West side story. Anita is as italian in style as all the others… in my book.

      • gustave of montreal

        I’m sorry for you to have to hear your favourite singer in such a silly opera like Giovanna d’Arco.

        • moi

          She is not at all my favourite singer…. but I have admired and appreciated her development… and of course one is influenced by the hype… I feel I’ve got to hear her right now.
          Seeing Gheorghiu live was sort of a disappointment…
          a smallish voice. One has to hear them live, after all…
          Freni, Mattila, Garanca, Carreras live blew me away. Bartoli is always an event.. Damrau did not work for moi.
          Gerhaher, Mattei and v Otter are faboulous… but this is becoming a list of names…..

          • Interesting about Matilla’s remarks about menopause. I heard a broadcast of her first Covent Garden Ariadne, and while she was very good (a bit shaky at first), her voice sounded weathered. When I heard her in recital a few months ago, she sounded vocally more healthy. And our own Cocky Kurwenal said that her second Ariadne at Covent Garden was an improvement over the first one.

            • Cocky Kurwenal

              Indeed, it was a vast improvement. I agree the first one was a bit shaky, all of it sounded like a bit of an effort, whatever the pitch or phrase. I also heard her in recital maybe 2 years before that which was very enjoyable but a little, shall we say, rough around the edges. But the Ariadne earlier this month was completely different, and it makes sense that it wasn’t ALL down to better familiarity with the role -- the menopause would explain it.

        • David

          I only know it from the Levine 1973 recording, but I love Giovanna d’Arco

          • grimoaldo

            Thank you David, I love Giovanna d’Arco also, and I have heard several different recordings and seen it live a number of times.
            Some people may find it “silly” but at least it isn’t boring, like Act Three of Der Rosenkavalier until the very last bit,or all of Arabella, Pelleas et Melisande, or three quarters of Die Meistersinger, but I refrain from saying “boring opera” every time one of those is mentioned.

            • grimoaldo

              PS: Well done La Scala for putting on a full staging of this little performed but beautiful, thrilling and FUN opera. Netrebko did a concert performance at Salzburg a few years back, I have the recording, anyone who has tickets for the performances in Milan is in for a real treat.

            • armerjacquino

              You’re maybe less restrained than you think, grim. One poster with a reputation for trolling made one remark about GIOVANNA and your response was to take a potshot at *four* other operas.

            • grimoaldo

              OK aj, sorry if I have offended fans of the works I mentioned. That “silly” remark made me lose my temper.

            • Porgy Amor

              Meistersinger and Pelléas would probably be in my top ten favorite operas if I ever made such a list, but I’m not offended in the least when someone says he finds them boring, grim. I might have a pang of sadness that someone else has tried and cannot have the great experience with them that I do, but no more than that. We all have our…”blind spots” is not really what I want here, but it’ll do. There are Italian operas by the lesser contemporaries of Puccini that I think are so musically and dramatically worthless that I’d approve of their disappearance from all the world’s stages, but if people are still going to see them, there’s obviously an audience for them.

            • Grimoaldo, you forgot The Magic Flute.

            • gironabalie


              “I have seen “The Rake’s Progress” twice, once at ROH, once at Glydnebourne and both times I nearly fell asleep. I wanted to like it, I had enjoyed recorded excerpts, I like Stravinsky, I like Auden, I like Hogarth, I tried, I really did, twice, and then I gave up and decided enough’s enough, it is BORING. Or at least it bores me”

              Do you still find “The Rake’s Progress” boring?

            • grimoaldo

              I am impressed you found that comment I made about Rake’s Progress more than a year ago giron,I have not seen or heard it since then. But enough about what I find boring,I shouldn’t be negative.

      • PCally

        Saw mattila as Ariadne and was completely surprised how good she sounded. Really fantastic stuff.

        • Straussmonster

          If anyone should happen to have a recording of a Mattila Ariadne, I’d love to hear it…

  • Gualtier M

    You know, perhaps a color remake of “Glen or Glenda” could be Caitlyn Jenner’s screen return (don’t say comeback!) after “Can’t Stop the Music”.

    (La Cieca would remember those outfits -- she wore them herself!)

  • gustave of montreal

    Hope the great lesbisch Geschwitz is scheduled on the Saturday afternoon radio, is it ?

  • decotodd

    Yes — not only radio but cinema HD

  • Porgy Amor

    The Lulu will not be on radio (excluding Sirius) until February 27, well after the in-theater run of the Berg opera is over. It will be a taped playback. The Saturday afternoon radio broadcasts typically start in December, so they never sync up with the first few HDs on the slate. This is something I forget annually.

    The HDs more closely follow the actual season schedule, starting in early fall.

  • gustave of montreal

    @ Deco / Porgy

    Merci beaucoup.


  • Operngasse

    In the interest of economy, Ms. Graham could wear the same costume in both operas.

  • olliedawg

    Operngasse, you made me laugh out loud. Thank you!