Cher Public

The cat didn’t come back

“Along with every other music journalist in New York, I was blindsided by this news. If ever there was a company that appeared the picture of fiscal and artistic good health, it was Gotham.” [New York Observer]

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    And in the meantime, the NYT of 6 October reports: “Plan to Revive New York City Opera Has Creditors’ Backing”

  • Krunoslav

    ‘In my slightly disreputable alter ego as gossip columnist “La Cieca” ‘

    Think Bette Davis in HUSH, HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE saying ‘COMPANY????”:


  • Dolciamente Pipo

    This is sad news.
    Is it typical for an ‘incoming executive director’ to shut down a company as his first piece of business? Especially a beloved and popular organization such as Gotham.? Must have been some financial mess for other options not to have been tried first.
    It would be interesting to know what more there is to this than could be covered in the column inches allotted to this story.