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Prison break

Taylor Stayton will sing the role of Percy in this evening’s performance of Donizetti’s Anna Bolena, replacing Stephen Costello, who is ill,” says the Met press office.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    • uwsinnyc

      Pleasing to the ear and the eye!
      Is this his debut?

      • steveac10

        No, he covered for Costello last time and went on once mid show and did one Sonnambula in the Damrau revival. The administration seems to have caught on he might be worth promoting. He’s scheduled for a couple of the of the Bolena run this month, and about half of the Almavivas in Barber over the holidays.

    • Quanto Painy Fakor

      cast changes make me crazy!

      • tatiana

        Well, I’ll be in the house tonight and this is a very pleasant surprise! I’ve nothing against Mr. Costello personally, except that aside from the vocal struggles, he just seems to want to be anywhere, ANYWHERE else but onstage. . .

        • tatiana

          Now that I’ve seen and heard the performance in the house (albeit from the last row of the Dress Circle, hindered by the overhang), I can say that for me Mr. Stayton has a nice lyric voice, and all the notes, but definitely came off as “light.” In fact, except for Sondra and Jamie, I kept asking myself “WHERE are the VOICES?” I thought Ildar was visually and dramatically the most impressive (and the most beautiful costume), but his voice is not big enough.
          I’ll have to get to know this opera better, but my feeling was that the conducting was a hindrance. There was no sense of dramatic propulsion at all. Still, that final scene was worth it. Sondra was in terrific voice, and she knew it.

          • RosinaLeckermaul

            I, too, was there last night. Stayton has a light, but well-produced voice. The low notes were inaudible, but the middle and top carry. Solid technique and good stage presence.
            The performance only took fire in the Anna-Giovanna duet in the second act. Radvanovsky made some beautiful noises, but the performance seemed cautious and not very dramatic. Ildar’s voice sounded big enough, but just wrong for this kind of music. Barton was on fire. Armiliato was asleep at the wheel.

          • skoc211

            I was in the Family Circle and agree that he had a lovely, but too light voice for the role, as he frequently got lost. Great high notes and that D (?) at the end of “Vivi tu” was nice, though the whole aria lacked any real passion.

            I thought Sondra was on fire and I didn’t notice any of the bad behavior she was criticized for after the prima. The night was filled with some truly beautiful and exciting singing from both her and Barton.

            I think she’ll continue to grow in the role, so I plan on catching it again in a few weeks. I love the “Tudor Trilogy” and have enlisted a friend to join me on this season long journey, so I think we’re off to a spectacular start!

            • operajunky

              Did I miss something??? What bad behavior?

          • tiertopper

            I was in the Rear Dress Circle last night, too but on the extreme left side and 3 rows down. I usually sit in The Grand Tier and know all the good sound spots there. I thought that I was in a great sound spot last night with the sound bouncing off the far wall right into my ear! This poor guy has a nice light mezzo voce; (top and bottom are negligible) which was lost in contrast to the rest of this crew, especially the two ladies who were in EXCELLENT and POWERFUL voice. Two of the most outstanding performances I have ever seen at The Met! It is almost unfair to have had him on the stage with them; it’s just a different class of singing. I found that I could hear Ildar very well and enjoyed him more that the last run a few years back.

    • gustave of montreal

      Not sure about handsome boy, his voice sounds awfully thin, the type who would please an afternoon Ladys Club. Perhaps he sounds better with full orchestra.

      • Krunoslav

        You mean like Pierre Duval?

        Yours really is an ungenerous soul.

        Stayton in his AVA outings was more impressive as artist and singer than Costello in his, though the voice is assuredly lighter.

        • gustave of montreal

          Mon dieu, Pierre Duval ! what brings him up in here !

          • Krunoslav

            Your willingness to write off a light tenor with ‘his voice sounds awfully thin’ on minimal evidence.

  • operainsider

    Costello is very boring in my opinion. I hope Stayton does the rest of the run so I can hear him.

    • steveac10

      Costello is only scheduled for next Monday (and the January performances) -- the other two October performances have Stayton scheduled.

    • scostello929