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A quell’amor ch’è palpito

Yes, obviously it’s La traviata, but where? Why, at the Stockholm Folkoperan, of course. There’s a trailer for the production that includes lots, and I mean lots of NSFW nudity, right after the jump.  

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    That’s one hellava prince wand Violetta is wearing around her neck!

  • Constantine A. Papas

    Just about time we have porn opera! Of course, this is the best way for opera to expand and attract new audiences. I hope Peter Gelp takes notice. Imagine Il Trovatore with Leonora in the buff and an erected Di Luna all over her. Finally, opera has arrived in the 20st century, reaching new, uncharted levels of artistic integrity.

  • DerLeiermann

    *Goes into pearl clutching mode*
    Thank God we’ll always have THE Traviata from Lisbon !!!
    *Pearl clutching mode off*

    Ps. Speaking of Traviatas . Will anyone be at those in Phily with Lisette Oropesa? It’s her role debut and I’d like to know how she does.

    • grimoaldo

      Yes I am going to Philadelphia on Wednesday especially to see Lisette as Violetta, I am really looking forward to it, will report back!

      • DerLeiermann

        Yes, please, by all means!!

        • sutherlandfan

          Friday night’s performance was a great success for Oropesa. She was in great shape vocally, although she, and Powell and Shrader, did not seem as physically involved as they could have been-- suspect that may be the director’s fault since all 3 seemed to lack direction. But the director, Curran, gets full points for the second act “ballet”. The two hunks-- Jarrett Ott and Roy Hage played out a bump-and-grind with the Flora. Ott was completely bare chested, showing a fine physique-- and concluded with a big fat kiss between Ott and Hage. Kudos for their outstanding acting abilities-- they made the kiss very convincing! The crowd loved it!

  • Quanto Painy Fakor
  • Constantine A. Papas

    I meant 21st century. It’s nice to have a bordello Traviata. Violetta, after all, was a whore.

    • gustave of montreal

      not a whore, no, she did not do the sidewalks nor cruise de Bois de Boulogne, she was a courtisane.

  • La Travesty -- Love a bit of nudity and love Verdi but this whole thing is so horrible it needs no excuses. It will be forgotten and buried not long after the final curtain comes down- its crap.

    • gustave of montreal

      Its abject, it is not La Traviata but I Traviati.

  • armerjacquino

    I’m amazed so many posters here have made it all the way over to Stockholm to see this production.

  • This is what will happen to opera in the US if Bernie Sanders wins.

  • Will

    OK, if you read some of the books written about the 19th century courtesans you discover that there were some very risque things going on. It wasn’t all lace and satin, gorgeous jewels and polite society. Marie had seven young men who were admirers, none of whom by himself had the money required to keep her in the style she required. So they bought a seven drawer dresser and put it in her boudoir; each had his things in one of the drawers and each had his night of the week to be with her. To their immense credit, when she was dying they established a schedule so that at least one of them would be by her bedside at all times day and night in case she needed anything.

    And yes, Rose Alphonsine Plessis/Marie du Plessis/Marguerite Gauthier/Violetta Vallery DID walk the streets, or at least the bridges when she first arrived in Paris. Hungry and without decent housing, she was picked up by a man who bought her a mess of frites from a vendor, then took her home and finally set her up in a very modest little apartment. It was rather a while before she emerged as the polished, charming and magnetic Marie du Plessis.

    Yes, the Stockholm production is over the top, but I have read accounts of orgies in upper levels of society, straight and gay, like what happens in that production.

  • quibbleglib

    A Traviata with scissoring lipstick lesbians in the first scene?! I’ll take two!

  • Cocky Kurwenal

    Julia Sporsen, the Violetta here, has an extremely beautiful voice. I was in a Carmen where she was a spectacular Micaela. Glad to see she’s getting meaty roles and I hope the attention this production will probably garner serves to bring her to a wider audience.

  • Cicciabella

    Mellika Melouani Melani: what a mellifluous name! Question re production: how is it different from the Breth Traviata for Brussels, also set in a brothel, but with a BDSM wibe, except that maybe the Breth characters wear more clothes? Has anyone seen both?

    • Cicciabella

      *vibe, not wibe. Although wipes would probably come in handy in both productions.

  • perfidia

    Blanket defense of all regie theater is as bad as its wholesale condemnation.

    • Had there been “blanket defense” offered anywhere around here, you post would have had some point.

  • WindyCityOperaman

    Interesting as this is Folkoperan, they are sjungit i svenska

  • zinka

    JUST REMEMBER…OR ELSE!!!!! (La vendetta di Zinka)

    Oct.21 the great Virginia will be 90.

    If any clip tells the story..this is it!!!!!

  • zinka

    There was a time when Villazon and Ana Maria Martinez showed what talent they had….

    Pero Caballe y Marti no podian..Por que????

  • zinka

    Adored Leyla (1928) birthday Oct.10…On the way to her Attila,friend played some SAffo OF pACINI….SUDDENLY (AT 3:39) he played her “accident” and we cracked up…but I love every second of her career..which could be CAMP……..Listen carefully….