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Schadenfreude, schöner Götterfunken

“One of the most highly-regarded pianists of our time, Grigory Sokolov, has refused to accept the Cremona Music Award 2015 because it has previously been awarded to the blogger Norman Lebrecht.” [Gramophone]

    • rofrano


  • A+

  • Patrick Mack

    Oh, burn.

  • la vociaccia


    -Grigory Sokolov, 2015

  • Milly Grazie

    Superb! At last!
    Someone in the classical music industry with standards and who is prepared to defend them publicly up for them.
    Am reminded of that old saying; “Awards are like haemorrhoids, sooner of later every *sshole gets one”!

    • manou

      “Ah! qu’en termes galants ces choses-là sont mises!”

      • Milly Grazie

        Merci M. Molière !

  • rofrano

    This brightened my otherwise dreary monday

  • ML

    Norman Lebrecht with Slippedisc is eating Gramophone’s lunch and doing the music world a phenomenal service. No, it’s not perfect. But it is broader and better connected than this N.Y. opera blog that so often knocks it, and it has enough class not to knock back.

  • atomicwings

    If Lebrecht can receive it for Journalism, perhaps Sokolov could accept it for physics or for playing the clarinet.