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Blind audition

Which erstwhile impresario, who surely heaved a sigh when he no longer was welcome at his previous theater, is about to sign on at the Met in a Director of Productions-type position?

  • aulus agerius

    It must be the guy who abandoned Dallas in order to sink NYCO -- I forget his name already. Smart move, Met.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    I’m guessing John Berry, but it might be Serge Dorny, both of whom were obviously shmoozing a lot at the gala.

  • Signor Bruschino

    Well, acai is a berry… John Berry joining the met? I like that idea more than i do acai berries

  • Krunoslav

    The ENO seems to be the source of most of the Met’s ‘new’ productions these days, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • RosinaLeckermaul

    I hope it’s not Berry. If you think the ENO-Met FAUST was a bomb, you should have seen the LUCREZIA BORGIA, COSI, or TURANDOT. For the most part, Berry hired film directors who had no idea how to move human beings around a stage or create interesting stage pictures. PEARL FISHERs, coming up in January, has an impressive set that don’t give anyone anywhere to move. The Minghella BUTTERFLY was an exception, not the rule. Disaster looms.

    • Milly Grazie

      Well put Rosina.
      Berry is a mess, and an industry-known ignorant one at that!
      It’s well known he asked a singer at an audition (after she had just sung a Mozart aria), the cliched line… “Did you bring any Mozart”, although sadly he was not joking!
      The Met importing another third rate Brit, be it either John Berry or Serge Dorny reminds me of the Beecham line when asked about “foreign” conductors….
      “I have a friend who imports foreign second rate conductors and musicians, which is beyond me. After all we we have more than enough sixth rate conductors”.
      If it is Dorny, he knows so little about opera… disaster…
      If it is Berry, then… it’s been a stitch up between he and The Gelb -- a promise made on the back of “co-productions”! Disaster.
      I agree, the Minghella Butterfly was a fluke, the rest were all…. Meh !

      • Regina delle fate

        The Minghella Butterfly was commissioned by Berry’s predecessor, Sean Doran, but, by the time it opened, Doran was gone and Berry was in charge claiming it as his triumph.

      • Regina delle fate

        Serge Dorny is a Belge not a Brit, tho he worked in the Uk quite a while as chef of the London Philharmonic.

    • Milly Grazie

      And what about that Film Director that knows ZERO of moving singers about a stage, let alone any understanding of stagecraft OR indeed the physical stage? …..
      Penny Woolcock, another director with a poor track record on Gelb’s speed-dial! Those of us who sat through that appallingly inept staging of Adams’ “Dr. Atomic” at the Met are cringing at the thought that she’s been given another gig -- Pearl Fishers -- have you heard the stuff she spouts on the interview clip on The Met website, while we are shown images of yet another set that is tipped by stage hands and crew not to work!
      I heard that The Met Dr. Atomic cast (most of whom had worked with Sellars on the original) were horrified when Woolcock asked where “upstage” was !
      Talk about being out of your fach!
      Am told that tales of their frustration with her ignorance could fill a book or documentary.
      She also begged Adams to cut Dr. A, hoping that he’d give in to her slashing of the score to fit her “vision” just as he had allowed her with Klinghoffer.
      John may be naive but he ain’t stupid!

      • RosinaLeckermaul

        Woolcock’s “staging” of Pearl Fishers is equally inept.

      • redbear

        Do you, Milly Grazie, know anything about Dorny’s career? It makes you sound completely uninformed.

        • armerjacquino

          Well, you can understand the error. Every third person in Britain is called Serge, after all.

  • decotodd

    Surely not Ian Campbell? Don’t believe San Diego Opera has a dedicated theater, either.

    • warmke

      Campbell was in artistic administration at the Met, I believe, but seems an odd choice. Barry would seem more likely.

      Jonathan Pell?