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The puff preliminary

Anna, Bart and Peter talk about the Met’s new season with the always engaging Michael Cooper of the New York Times.  

  • LT

    Hope they post the whole thing on demand. I caught the end.

    • steveac10

      They have it up now LT.

      • LT


  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Ha-ri-ehte! What a creep.

  • I hope this woman had a happy 44th birthday. She is charming, funny, and charismatic, as usual. And gorgeous — on the one occasion I met her up close, very briefly, the most striking thing about her is those eyes.

    Since I am a disheveled heterosexual male from flyover country, I know nothing about fashion, but I have a hunch that some of you can help me out: How much would you say that dress costs? It looks frayed, but I assume that that is deliberate. I had a picture taken of my fanboy self with her two years ago, after one of her Tatyanas, and later I Googled the name on the sweatshirt she was wearing, and discovered it cost over $900.

    I haven’t watched this entire video, but on matters of operatic substance, Gelb says that she has never shown up at the Met not knowing a role, and she corrects him, saying she did this with Puritani. I think she has admitted this before, yes? People said her first performance of that left a lot to be desired, but I like her in the later one that was captured for DVD; perhaps that’s because I’m not a bel canto purist.

    • Talk of the Town

      I don’t know who designed the dress. The earrings are probably Chopard — — $$$$ (she has an endorsement deal with them). I think she does have a love of fashion, because if someone else was styling her, she’d be better dressed. She gets it right occasionally, and when she does, boy does she look great.

      • Lohengrin

        Just looked at the video: AN has really no taste on dressing; she looks close to “horrible” in this dress with that shoes……I fear she seems herself pretty, but it is definitely not the case.

        • Let’s see your modeling resume then.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Any guesses who will replace Gockley? Some say Michael Kaiser

    • la vociaccia

      “Speight: Return from the Crypt.”

  • Constantine A. Papas

    The shoes are of the latest style; but blame the designer for atrocious concepts. Women follow them to be up to speed with current fashion regardless of taste and functionality.

    • I think the brown hose with the sparkly shoes clashes with the black dress.

      Matching shoes with outfit is of such importance. I feel the same way whenever I see Kate Middleton wearing cream pumps with a black dress. It’s awful.

      • ML

        Kate wearing cream pumps and no dress?

      • sdika

        is she wearing hose pr those r her tanned legs?

        • definitely hose — they have a sheen to them.

  • javier

    I think it is just very odd that Radvanovsky is getting next to no press for taking on the Tudor Queens at the Met. I like Anna, but Geld doesn’t seem to know when to quit promoting her over other American singers who are also singing interesting roles.

  • Haimes

    We were there last night and I found Anna to be stylish, relaxed and full of self deprecating humor. It is of interest to hear her comment on the lack of really great conductors today. She is fiercely proud of her Russian heritage, but admitted that she has no power in Russian geopolitics. She said that the protestor At the met who protested the pro Putin issues should speak to Putin or Gergiev. She is full of charm and poise.

    If you want to knock fashion tell Bartlett Sher to shine his shoes. I thought all did we’ll. felt was gloating like a politician leading in the polls. Cooper was very effective as moderator. Some of the audience who were strong met supporters looked they were trying to market themselves to aide Gelb or the opera —-true New Yorkers.

    Stop picking on Anna’s couture. She has outpaced all others.

    • Lohenfal

      Your reaction was similar to mine, watching the video on my computer. Gelb (or felt) always seems to be gloating over something or other. To me, the most telling moments were when one lady questioned the “grey” productions and when the other lady questioned the effect of the HD’s on actual attendance. Gelb didn’t address the first question at all, and his answer to the second wasn’t completely convincing. Others in the audience did appear to be strong Met supporters. I can’t really share their optimism, in light of the current situation.

      • Porgy Amor

        The woman who asked that first question seemed like a nice lady, but I don’t think I’d enjoy her ideal Met much. In fact, I’m sure, because I’ve seen plenty of the videos from the 1980s, when what she wants back was the norm. I’m surprised how some people can go to the opera for years and stay hung up on that calendar-art aesthetic. Something can be the limpest revival in history and if it’s “beautiful” (heavily decorated, a lot of colors, and a suggestion of some distant time), some people will go home happy. But…what if “gray” and “stark” are appropriate responses to whatever is being staged?

        Anyway, about three questions later, the young Asian woman was passionately pleading for more of the “challenging” productions, examples given being those of Decker, Tcherniakov, and Trelinski (at least two of whom will be back), so there’s no pleasing everyone.

        • I did like some of the suggestions of the audience though. Like a more affordable cafe. The David Koch Theater has a nice food stamp/bar that won’t automatically set you back like 30 bucks. The Met can do it too.

          • Sorry food stand/bar.

          • Porgy Amor

            At one point Gelb says (paraphrasing) “We’re not at the point of letting people drink champagne from sippy cups.” A dig at Hoelterhoff?


          • Lohenfal

            Ivy, the Koch Theater is a far more agreeable place to visit in many ways, not only for the food stand. It looks and feels like a normal theater, and it’s easy to do what one needs to at intermission. I never feel equally comfortable at the Met.

            • Yeah the bathroom, lobby layout, etc is much more spacious. You don’t have the feeling like you’re cramped like sardines during intermissions.

        • Lohenfal

          Porgy, I remember those older productions very well, and wouldn’t necessarily want to return to them. The point is that there are many in the Met audience who do want more spectacle and color in the stagings, enough to explain at least part of the decline in attendance. At practically every Met performance I go to, I hear negative comments about the “Gelb productions,” and some of my friends have already given up their subscriptions largely because of these stagings. That’s anecdotal evidence, of course, but counts for something. The young woman who asked for more challenging productions had a very different viewpoint, but I suspect that hers is a minority opinion. Even the mildly modern is a problem for a large segment of the Met audience.

      • DonCarloFanatic

        A more interesting question about the HDs, which I have never seen anyone ask (or answer), is what kind of attendance do the encores get? They’re all evening performances, when the Met’s most elderly audience cohort typically doesn’t leave home. Surely that attendance figure is far more indicative of audience reach to a younger generation than are the Saturday numbers.

        I also would like to know how the summer HD repeats do. Who’s watching? They’re usually warhorse operas. Does this segment skew even younger?

        • Porgy Amor

          Where I love may not be the best indicator, but the HD encores are usually not well attended. (Hey, more room for me!) I don’t see a greater representation of younger people in the sparse crowds of usually a dozen or fewer. Once in a while, there are students at something very popular like Bohème or Carmen.

          The one well-attended HD encore I have seen since I shifted to Wednesday nights was The Merry Widow. Thing was packed, and the crowd seemed to be loving it. It was enjoyable to take it in that way, corny translation and all. But that crowd didn’t return. There was literally one other person in the same auditorium a month later for Iolanta/Bluebeard. (Bad weather for that one, but still.)

          • Porgy Amor

            Where I live. Although, “love” works as well…

        • Lohenfal

          DCF, a former Parterrian, M. Oedipe, mentioned last year that the HD moviecasts in Paris attracted an older audience. He said that performances at the Garnier and Bastille had many more young people than he saw at the Met HD’s. We never hear about these details from the Met. Could it be because that would contradict the “official” line about the value of these moviecasts in attracting a younger audience?

  • Haimes

    Gelb. Not felt

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    HD Alerte! Bolshoi 1958 -- Blanche Thebom!!! Who knew?

    • Quanto Painy Fakor

  • LT
    • manou

      On previous form, this is the height of restraint and elegance for Angela.

      • LT

        Redtraint it correct. It does look like she’s breaking out of a strsitjacket.

        • springspring

          Angela looks absolutely gorgeous in that sari !

          • messa di voce

            She needs to let a little air out of those tires.

          • Cicciabella

            I agree, springspring. But LT’s only happy when Yoncheva’s displaying her foremost assets.

            • LT

              I don’t remember hiring you as my spokesperson.

            • Cicciabella

              It’s the old dance, LT. You consistently attack Gheorghiu (who know why?) and I sometimes defend her.