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La luce è fatta muta

On this day in 1977, Maria Callas left this world.  Do you remember where you were?  

Born on this day in 1899 conductor Hans Swarowsky

Born on this day in 1908 contralto Hertha Glaz

Happy 78th birthday conductor and composer Mario Perusso

Happy 71st birthday soprano Krisztina Laki

Happy 66th birthday director Christopher Alden

Happy 66th birthday director David Alden

  • javier

    I was not born yet! Thank you.

  • DharmaBray

    No. But just recently read Ethan Mordden’s Venice Adriana which has the Callas figure collapse on a hotel room bed next to where the Clint Eastwood character is dealing with his incessant boner by fucking the Pasolini’s character’s assistant, after all of them trying to film a shambolic Thyestes banquet scene, populated by the Pasolini character’s rough trade. She dies soon after (placing her death in the early 60s) from too much reliance on those little “Le Fleur” pills introduced to her by La Principessa. *groan* but a lot of fun!

  • DerLeiermann

    I had not yet been born!

    -xoxo opera millenial