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Five oh!

You know what they all said: “At this rate, she’ll never make it to 50.” But they were wrong, weren’t they?

Happy 50th birthday soprano Angela Gheorghiu!  

Born on this day in 1726 composer François-André Danican Philidor

Born on this day in 1900 soprano Joan Cross

Happy 75th birthday tenor Giuseppe Giacomini

Happy 63rd birthday mezzo-soprano Eirian James

Happy 55th birthday tenor Uwe Heilmann

And a very Happy Labor/Labour Day US and Canadian Paterrians!

  • Lady Abbado

    I’m sure she’s having a big party as we speak…here’s a smashing Habanera, conducted by her long-term friend and confidant Leonard Slatkin :)

    Happy Birthday Angela!

  • DerLeiermann

    I was watching House of cards just right now and I think they used her recording of “Un bel di” , Happy birthday, Angela. May she dance , dance, dance all niiiiight.

  • Cicciabella

    Angela Gheorghiu: one of the most beautiful soprano voices ever. Luckily, her international career started early enough for her to make several studio recordings. Happy birthday and all the best to you, Madame Gheorghiu!

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    For a moment I thought this was the source for the photoshop
    Happy birthday Angela!

    • DeepSouthSenior

      QPF, I followed that link and was momentarily confused when I read “Item condition:-- ‘Moderate wear, tears and heavier creases on back cover.’” Then I realized it was describing an old magazine, and not our birthday girl Angie G.

  • Satisfied

    Hasn’t there been some dispute about her actual age?

    • armerjacquino

      There has, yes, but for her to be lying now would require her to have been lying when she made her international debut at 26, and I really don’t see what the incentive would have been then.

      • steveac10

        Would an expert narcissist like Gheorghiu need a reason to shave a few years off of her age? If you’re going to shave off a few years it’s always best to start right away. It’s a time honored tradition. I often wonder who was really the oldest Tosca I ever heard live, Kirsten or Olivero. According to their official bios, they were almost exactly the same age -- and both hit the scene on the young side. But who knows?

        Of course divas of a more recent vintage don’t have that luxury due to that pesky internet.

        • Well props to her if she’s shaved a few years off her age, because that would be a remarkable preservation of voice.

          The basic tonal beauty of her voice hasn’t diminished at all.

          This was from New Year’s Eve. If I just listened to recordings and someone told me she was 25 I’d believe it.

    • Cicciabella

      Yes, in fact Gheorghiu broke out internationally when she was a toddler, but, because of her vanity, a quality usually extremely rare in opera singers, she passed herself off as an embryo.

  • mia apulia

    Is that a rasp in Giacomini’s voice in Fausta, or a flaw in the recording? the rest of it does not give much pleasure, either

  • When I first heard her voice I thought”She’s so wobbly “. Then I heard her hit the high notes and I new I would never say that again. She has brought me hours of enjoyment and that voice can never be duplicated. Angela ,Happy Birthday your Tosca,La Momma Morta,your aria from Falstaff,your Turandot will never be forgotten. I am a fan always.

  • zinka

    Angela AND Madama Chiesa have sung for the Pope. When the Pope heard Charlotte..he converted to Jewish..When he “heard” Angela, he screamed, “Che cosa??Non posso udire!!” (Don’t tell Virginia!!)

    The Pope comes Sept.25..NETREBKO FIRST TROVATORE…..I have been recently told I “come off as the Pope.” I therefore will tell him to take me in the Popemobile to the Trovatore..and after the show, Anna will look at us and say, “Charlie…who is that guy in the nice outfit with you?
    So you see…TWO Popes are better than one!!!!!!

    • Lady Abbado

      Zinka, here’s the video with Gheorghiu singing O mio babbino caro to Pope John Paul II (how fitting):

  • zinka

    Sept.8…HAPPY BIRTHDAY to dear Peter Strummer…..He is a sweet guy…as is his wife, Linda (Roark) Strummer…He has so much talent..and fun on stage…..BRAVO!!!!!

  • Sempre liberal

    I remember listening to the livestream of Angela’s Violetta when Leonard Slatkin conducted. She schooled him good. That Act 2, Scene 2 concertanto finale. Conducting at home, I followed her better than him!

    I also recall bringing friends to Simon Boccanegra to hear her. Amelia might not be her greatest role, but she owned it that night, and the audience loved her. It’s nice being the only soprano in an opera of men. One of my favorite nights ever.

  • Krunoslav

    ‘ It’s nice being the only soprano in an opera of men. ‘

    Let’s not forget the Ancella, whose exponents at the new Met have included Dawn Upshaw and Joyce El-Khoury…

  • springspring

    Happy birthday to one of the most beautiful opera singers, to this unique and sublime voice!Happy birthday Angela!

  • zinka


    1. Cavalleria/Pag..No Jews…It is called “Ham and Eggs”

    2. Gioconda,Suor Angelica,etc.etc. NO Suicidio

    3. La Juive It is a disgrace to throw Rachel into a vat of Manischewitz on Passover.

    4. Nabucco You can’t cast someone from Kansas as a Jew.

    5. Don Carlo What do you think those dudes do before the curtain rises on the prison?

    6. Siegfried Fafner looks and acts like Pat Robertson

    7. Fanciulla Gambling ist Verboten ( except for Tebaldi and Olivero)

    8. Rosenkavalier.Why is that woman dressed as a man and dressed again as a woman? Make up your transgendered mind already.

    9. Traviata Hookers should not be allowed to take E flat in act One.

    10. Elektra You are supposed to honor your daddy and your mommy (unless mommy has no chest voice.)

    You thought I gave up drugs??????????????????

  • zinka