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Yusif Eyvazov will make his Met debut singing the role of Calàf in the performances of Puccini’s Turandot on November 7 matinee and November 12. He replaces Fabio Sartori, who has withdrawn the role from his repertory.” So says the Met press office.  

  • On the plus side, the Zeff Turandot could use some regie updating. I hope that the stipulation for his participation in the production is that he wear that golden jacket.

    • Camille

      et moi aussi!

  • auracentral

    I’m not sure what La Cieca’s quote of the 1991 Rosenkavalier was to show that the Met did awful casting in previous times, but Gessendorf is a more than respectable Marschallin, and Haugland was an A list singer if not in my first 5 choices for Ochs. This is on Sirius this week, and while not my favorite Rosenkavalier, Gwyneth Jones and Spas Wenkoff do far more damage to Wagner in their broadcast of Tristan which is also on Sirius this week. Jones is a great artist, but not on this Saturday afternoon.

  • Yusif Eyvasov is a huge douchebag. His views on the Ukraine/Russia conflict turn my stomach. Fuck him.

    • armerjacquino

      Oh, I didn’t know he’d spoken about that. What did he say?

      • He deleted his facebook but basically went on a long rant once that I posted at parterre (can’t find it now) which was like Ukraine deserves to get invaded by Russia, its leader is crazy, blah blah blah. Basically take your Kremlin talking points and insert it into a Facebook post with what seemed like some Russian curse words and that was his posting.

        • gustave of montreal

          Why are you concerned about Ukraine/Russia internal affairs ? Anyway, Yusif has a horrible metallic voice.

          • Krunoslav

            There is always someone who wants to be the worst asshole, isn’t there?

            ‘Why are you concerned about Czech/German internal affairs ?”

            Why are you concerned about Dutch/Spanish internal affairs ?’

            Why are you concerned about Irish/British internal affairs?

            Why are you concerned about Manchurian/Japanese internal affairs ?

            Why are you concerned about Korean/Japanese internal affairs ?

            And so on back through time. Always a ready scumpit.

            • gustave of montreal

              Are you Poison Ivy’s spokesman?

          • 98rsd

            By definition “Ukraine/Russia” affairs are NOT internal. And that’s the issue.

  • scifisci

    Maybe anya will be singing the title role???

  • la vociaccia

    Calafs don’t grow on trees these days on short notice. He’s quite mediocre but the last Calaf I can remember who wasn’t mediocre was Galouzine over a decade ago. I don’t expect to be going to Turandot for the Calaf in a while.

    Satori is a quite good singer with a very good voice and I was interested in hearing him at the Met so hopefully he’ll get another crack here in something else (if not elsewhere in the U.S).

    • Greg.Freed

      Variable as he may have been over the last decade, I saw Giordani sing an absolutely first rate Calaf five or six years ago, possibly inspired by the stellar Turandot of Lise Lindstrom.

      • williams

        Variable is a good choice of words. During the period you cite Giordano was capable of both scintillating and second rate performances on a given evening. It was a real crap shoot with him. The last few years have been less kind. That’s a shame as he is a very commited artist and seems a good guy.

        • williams

          Ack! Giordani. Stupid spell check.

  • DerLeiermann

    I heard him sing Nessun dorma as an encore. The voice is not particularly beautiful, it sounds pushed , but the sound is likely to be large enough to sing the role at the met.He’s not a first rate voice or artist and he probably knows it, he really seemed to enjoy singing more than Anna did. The guy’s smart and knows his momentum won’t last long.

    I admit I’m not surprised about this debut.

  • mercadante

    Looks like he dates Sophie on Two Broke Girls.

  • DonCarloFanatic

    I hate the combo of the jacket, vest, and chest hair, but none of those will be visible in the Met’s Turandot, which I think we all agree has plenty going on to distract most people from the quality of the voices.

    Let’s wait and see. If Anna thought he was totally useless, he’d be old news by now.

  • moorfan

    Rudy Park would have been a MUCH better choice. Period.

  • Gualtier M

    One witty critic had the following wise observation about Adelina Patti’s second husband and late career stage partner Ernesto Nicolini “Their onstage partnership proved that not only is love blind, but it is frequently also deaf.”

  • LT

    He reminds me of David Gest in more than one way.

  • olliedawg

    WTF is he wearing? Is he for real?

  • He’s a hairy little bugger isn’t he. He always seem to dress with a lot of “flair”. Lets give him a chance--he is still young to singing--hope he still has a vocal coach to help him get rid of those nasty throaty notes he pulls off sometimes. I’ve seen worse.

  • mercadante

    He seems to have a sense of line, but the voice, while large, is generally ugly. It’s throaty, has a rather wide vibrato, and an occluded timbre. His technique is serviceable, but with a voice like his, and with his musical intentions, his technique needs to be more than serviceable to smooth it out and control the dynamic phrasing better. That’s a tough order, especially for a spinto or lyric dramatic. He sounds like the type of guy who’s singing because he loves the music, not because he discovered he had a voice. He’s making due with what God gave him. He just needs to work harder on polishing it. I feel there’s potential there, it just needs more work.

  • luvtennis


    I just listened to the Bocelli/Mehta Turandot -- or at least the “In Questa Reggia.”

    What can I say, it is the best performance of that aria since Farrell’s version. Farrell, who was an accomplished and experienced recording artist by the time she made the Puccini record, is more subtle than Wilson -- who has virtually no experience singing for the recording microphones.

    But dear Lord, that woman has the most incredible voice and the upper register is tremendous (on the recording). Huge, effortless, gleaming, absolutely steady. Is the voice as fresh and youthful as it would have been, say 5 years ago? Probably not -- damned record companies. But the sound is still completely steady and the voice is totally under Wilson’s control.

    I know that many of you are more inclined to eat small children than buy a Bocelli complete opera (or a Bocelli anything for that matter) but YOU GOTTA HEAR WILSON.

    I have no hesitation declaring her the best Turandot that I have ever heard. And the top C must be still resonating in the ether. Bright, gleaming but golden rather than steely.

  • mps502

    That made for painful listening. As Anna Russell might have put it, “a voice like a vegetable grater”.