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La Cieca hears that the forthcoming Verismo CD, currently in the studio with Anna Netrebko and the Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia led by Antonio Pappano, will include the complete Act Four of Manon Lescaut. The disc is scheduled for a November release.

  • Ilka Saro

    Without I doing any research, I speculate that Anna Yurievna may be the lead for “most photoshopped on Parterre.”

  • With Kaufmann as her De Grieux one hopes? Since no house seems to be eager to spend their resources hiring both singers for the same production, this recording might be the only chance we get.

    • Camille

      Betcha a dollar it’ll be the boyfriend, huh?

      I noticed, while paging through the “Who We Are” section of the new MET website that boyfriend is on the roster. No specific role(s) assigned, however….

      • Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s her boyfriend. Still, one can hope. Remember back when Sutherland and Pavarotti used to appear together in the same production?

        • Camille

          Do I remember—?

          How could one ever forget?

          But them days is gone now, chéri, and we musn’t wallow in il passato remoto.

      • ML

        That was observant, Camille. The fiancé has a placeholder where roles will be.

        It should be remembered that Muti chose him for des Grieux and that the two singers got better acquainted during the run over late-night aperitivi in the Piazza del Viminale.

        • Camille

          Yes, I am very well aware of not only that factoid but that Muti had him as Otello at his festival in Ravenna, as well, and which preceded the engagement as Des Grieux. As Mo. Muti also chose Mr Antonenko as an Otello heir apparent, I am quite curious and more than a little perplexed by this executive decision, Mo. Muti being no fool when it comes to singers—that is—What is it he hears in this fellow? Or was he solely engaged as a last minute substitute in Ravenna and somehow made good. I just wonder what it all adds up to, as I have heard Antonenko’s Otello which, a couple years ago, was quite promising, and I wonder about the other fellow and his readiness for the role, what with only a Mario or so as previous experience——

          —f you follow my convolutions. Just interested in what the Maestro hears and what he’s up to, that’s all!

          • ML

            That 2013 Otello was a Cristina Mazzavillani project with the Orchestra Cherubini conducted by one Nicola Paszkowski. More interesting, perhaps, is the faint rumor that Yusif Eyvazov and fiancée are to privately serenade Frau Mazzavillani and hubby at home on their 50th wedding anniversary this coming fall.

            • Camille

              Oh, now I see what I misapprehended. I remember reading an interview with Sig.ra Muti about that event and I drew the false assumption her husband would therefore be the conductor. However; the Maestro must have heard of him through this series of Otello.

              Thank you for your clarification.

    • Lohengrin

      She has “her Des Grieux” at home…..

    • Lohengrin

      Bachler tried it in München but…………

      • Camille

        Please don’t leave us guessing like you did with Elsa, Lohengrin! You know how curious women are!

        • Netrebko withdrew from the production and Opolais stepped in.

          • Camille

            Right, right, of course, but what I am referring to is what Herr Bachler may have tried with the Des Grieux…..

            It was not altogether apparent to me what it was that AN objected to in the production, other than some ickiness in the second act, and/or perhaps it had been somewhat modified or watered down. Whatever it may have been La_KO certainly took everything in her stride, a formidable and admirable Bühnentier, she!

            • ML

              Google Neuenfels Netrebko Manon and all will become clear.

            • Camille

              Yes, I did and there was a sentence or two from Neuenfels about a minor difference as to the character viewpoint of Manon Lescaut between the two of them. I also saw an interview on Russian TV, of course with subtitles, in which she demurred to say very much on the subject. Since Netr bko is such a major star it would seem to me the real reasons are being kept mum, as they probably should well be.

              Looking forward very much to hearing her in a year or so in the new Eyre production, as Manon Lescaut is a great favorite of mine and have only seen it staged live one time.

  • Constantine A. Papas

    The production of Manon Lescaut Netrebko withdrew from (Munich)is the worst opera production I’ve ever seen in my over fifty-year operatic exposure. Moronic, toxic, insane and senseless. Even the worst kind of artistic vision will never come up with this monstrosity. The dystrophic hips of the female chorus and the floor-mop-orange-color wigs transpose you to an oppressive asylum for the criminally insane. Your bilious reaction distracts and obliterates any music receptors you may have left. Netrebko showed class by withdrawing, albeit losing a substantial sum of fees.

  • Paysan Bleu

    I am pretty sure that her fiancé will be Des Grieux
    Having heard Yusif Eyvazov live on stage, I can not believe why Pappano let himself in with this recording…

  • Paysan Bleu

    Camille, it was last July during the outdoor performance of the “Gala Anna Netrebko & Friends” in the Orangerie of Château de Versailles (France), where Yusif Eyvazov replaced Aleksandr Antonenko

    • Camille

      Thank you for your response Monsieur Bleu. I am assuming it would have been an assumption of Otello, in the first act duet, which they sang?

      I can think of few more pleasant things than to attend a concert in l’Orangerie at Versailles, with just whomever singing—what would it matter, just like o be in such a fabled locale?!?!!!

  • Paysan Bleu

    ?? What has the Orangerie of Château de Versailles to do with the vocal qualities of Yusif Eyvazov? Indeed, the technical quality of this concert was unfortunately not good, but nevertheless one can still judge the quaiity of singing of the artists.

    • Camille

      Je m’excuse. Just meaning to say it would be such a rare treat for me to be in such a concert venue as that of the Versailles, that’s all, that perhaps the quality of the singing would not matter quite so much. Whereas, at the Metropolitan Opera, where I never find myself so happy nor comfortable to be, I focus very much on the quality of the singing or in the case it is intolerable, may rely almost invariably upon the quality of the orchestral playing. There are theatres and concert halls where one finds a more congenial experience, is what I am saying.

      Sorry if it doesn’t make sense to you and thank you for the response, as had been holding out for the hope that perhaps “live” the sound of the aforementioned singer may have been mitigated somewhat, somehow, but it would seem not to be the case.

  • Paysan Bleu

    Thank you, Camille, for putting this right; I do understand you better by now (and it’s certainly due to my insufficient knowledge of English that I misunderstood you). As a matter of fact, the evening was quite a disappointment, because of the bad sound system (being it amplified is one thing, but the equipment seemed much too big for such a small venue) and the replacement by a singer, who is only there, because he is Mr Netrebko. It will certainly not be the last time, that such will happen. I am wondering when this will start to hurt the career of Mrs Netrebko.

    • Camille

      Yes, well—that is what I am most concerned with--the impact he will have on her career and its further development, especially now at a time in which she seems to thankfully finally be abandoning all those lyric roles which have no longer suited her for about the last five years or so. He seems to be quite a good fellow, thiugh, and she seems to be content, so that is well as it should be. I’s just that these affaires du cœur take a lot out of the heart of a woman—so—am hoping for a stable and content homelife for her for the next decade, so that she may fully realise her vocal potential. He may evolve, too, as he will be exposed through her to a lot of top flight conductors/coaches, so maybe there is some hope, without being a Pollyanna….

      Do not apologise if you do not understand me for I don’t understand myself nor do I have an easy time writing in English, a bizarre language. Further, often I write on an iPhone, on which I tend to abbreviate and cut short my thoughts, not to mention make copious egregious errors! Courage! Cheers! Salut à la France!

      • DonCarloFanatic

        In that long Russian TV show dual interview, he talked about them getting married this summer as if it was a set plan, but I have heard nothing to suggest such an event occurred. She isn’t going around saying she is Madama Eyvazova now.

        Happiness ought to breed better singing all around and in her case it certainly has.

  • Melot’s Younger Brother

    Yusif Eyvazov will sing Canio for one performance (October 3) at Los Angeles Angeles opera. Tickets are available.