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Woman behind bars

On this day in 1579 King Philip II ordered the arrest of Ana de Mendoza, Princess of Eboli, on the charge of betraying state secrets.  

Born on this day in 1887 composer Sigmund Romberg

Born on this day in 1893 composer Aarre Merikanto

Born on this day in 1899 bass Ludwig Weber

Born on this day in 1919 conductor Charles Farncombe

Born on this day in 1929 composer Avet Ruben Terteryan

Happy 80th birthday tenor and conductor Peter Schreier

Happy 73rd birthday baritone Bernd Weikl

Happy 58th birthday soprano Alessandra Marc

Happy 52nd birthday mezzo-soprano Olga Borodina

  • Cuban_Stallion

    Thanks, La Cieca, a trip down memory lane! I attended a few performances of Women Behind Bars at the Roxy Theatre when it ran there in the early 80s. What a cast: Sally Kellerman! Linda Blair! Unforgettable.

    • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin

      I saw it at the Truck and Warehouse Theater in 1976 with the original cast (Pat Ast, Helen Hanft, Mary-Jennifer Mitchell, and Sharon Barr) and Divine as the Matron! I still have the program. I even remember the theme song written for this production: “…cookies in jars, women behind bars!”

  • JohninSeattle

    For those of us who suffer with beauty so powerful it’s fatal, I am empathetic to the plight of Eboli.

    • manou

      Immediate photographic evidence required.

      • aulus agerius

        means nothing with photoshop these days :-)

  • JohninSeattle

    My right elbow has a fascination that few can resist.

  • Donna Anna

    Oh, c’mon Katisha!