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On this day in 1868 the city of Reno, Nevada was founded.

Born on this day in 1829 composer and arranger Louis Moreau Gottschalk

Born on this day in 1740 composer Giovanni Paisiello

Born on this day in 1857 librettist Luigi Illica

Born on this day in 1914 conductor Carlo Maria Giulini

Happy 86th birthday tenor and director Nigel Douglas

Happy 76th birthday baritone Giorgio Zancanaro

Happy 75h birthday tenor Ramon Remedios

Happy 63rd birthday mezzo-soprano Linda Finnie

Happy 60th birthday mezzo-soprano Anne Sofie von Otter


  • gustave of montreal

    May I please ask you what happened to MArgaret Jungwait? She has been absent from the Met broadcasts for many weeks ?



  • Will

    She was back for one or maybe two weeks about a month ago (do I remember that correctly?) and is now gone again.

    • Camille

      Perhaps you heard a pre-recorded interview or an old bit of something? I have heard her thus, a time or two, but not as the regular announcer, per se.

      Whether one cares for her or not in her role as announcer, she deserves to be wished the best for her health concerns, apparently some form of cancer, so I was told some time ago by one far better informed than I. One onders about the upcoming season….

    • DellaCasaFan

      I don’t think it was aired live. Juntwait could be heard on the Macbeth broadcast in late February, but this was pre-recorded in October. I surely wish her well.

    • I, too, mistook hearing her voice in the Macbeth broadcast as her return to the airwaves. But yes, it was indeed taped from the fall.

      • overstimmelated

        In addition to the pre-recorded Macbeth on Sat., Feb. 7, Juntwait was also heard as host on the pre-recorded Magic Flute on Sat., Feb. 28. (Those peformances were originally broadcast on Sirius in Sept./Oct., so presumably she and Ira had recorded their Sat. mat. parts back then.) But for the taped Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk, recorded in November (and re-broadcasted in April), the Saturday host was already Mary Jo Heath.

        I think, though, Juntwait has been heard since Feb. in a couple of “timeline” segments and the like -- but I assumed these were repeats of previously aired features.

  • mia apulia

    This evening RAI broadcast some arias (Wagner, Strauss, Menotti) sung by soprano Susan Anthony. I found the singing, well, curious, and not pleasant. I guess the album is from a few years ago. Anyone heard her recently? any opinions? is the recording a case of a voice recording badly but sounding better in person?

    • phoenix

      I saw her live onstage once in Germany in the 1990’s but I can’t recollect where, when or in what -- all I remember is it was not that memorable enough to remember.
      -- Her Ariadne auf Naxos DVD (Semperoper Dresden 2000) reveals a rather nondescript tone with hard hit upper register (below is an excerpt -- I bought the DVD & listened to the whole thing. once):

      -- In Chausson’s Roi Arthus live CD (Bregenz 1996)- out of print now? -- Anthony comes off better (but again, not distinctive) thanks to the excellent conducting of Marcello Viotti, who makes the performance worth keeping.

    • Camille

      She was the Senta in the opening night production of Der Fliegende Holländer at NYCO in 2001, where I heard her, just that once. Nothing wrong with her or her presentation but I would echo phoenix above (or below), with his crucial descriptive--distinctive. As well, have heard her Genièvre on Le Roi Arthus wherein she does well but why they cast a soprano in that part, beats me. Sophie Koch will sing the role at the upcoming production at the Paris Opéra and hoping it will be recorded.

    • aulus agerius

      Susan B. Anthony sang a run of Die Tote Stadt at NYCO 8 or 10 years ago with Dan Chamanday and Keith Phares. I enjoyed it and have a recording of the performance.

      • phoenix

        When I saw her she was known as Susan Anthony -- minus the B in the middle -- and that is how she was billed on that 2000 Ariadne DVD from Dresdner Semperoper. Maybe the later added B gave her a better voice?:)?

  • messa di voce

    Apparently TBA tonight is one J. Levine.

  • laddie

    Thank you for the Giogio Zancanaro clip; what a wonderful singer! Now am wasting more time on Youtube.

    • Krunoslav

      Great instrument, zero musico-dramatic imagination.

      • pirated

        I liked Zancanaro.

        A lot.

  • Camille

    O, rimembranze!
    Well, I am left a bit shocked at re-living a long ago memory of a concert—that one above of Maestro Giulini conducting those Verdi overtures and preludes. Since it was the first time I ever heard him live, it made an indelible impression to see such an expert of Italian opera up close in action, albeit from the audience’s view. And now this, in closeup and from his perspective. What an unexpected joy. It tells me my memory has not played me false after all these years.