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Bühne nights

Your doyenne and her faithful confidante Dawn Fatale are off later this week for a safari, seeking the wild Regie in its natural habitat. Fans of the box who might like to meet up with Dawn or little me during our peregrinations are advised to consult the itinerary after the jump.

May 2: Luisa Miller
May 3: Der Rosenkavalier
May 4:  [Free night – Suggestions, anyone?]
May 5: Platée

May 6:  Xerxes

Berlin (Komische Oper)
May 7: Così fan tutte
May 8: West Side Story
May 9: [Free night]*
May 10: Moses und Aron

* Anyone seen either of these theater productions: Der Zerbrochene Krug at the Berliner Ensemble or Richard III at the Schaubühne? Or something else?

To get in touch with us (i.e., James or Rich) before or during our Tournee, please email

  • Buster

    You could take the train to Strasbourg, which is only an hour. Gorgeous city, and the Py Ariane looks great. Enjoy your trip!


    • Krunoslav

      Hard to find opera on Monday nights in Germany outside the big centers.

      Frankfurt (1 hr 20 minutes) has what must be a concert “Die ägyptische Helena”, well cast except for maybe Helena:

      Conductor Stefan Soltesz

      Helena Ricarda Merbeth
      Menelas Andreas Schager
      Aithra Brenda Rae
      Altair Simon Neal
      Da-ud Beau Gibson
      Die alleswissende Muschel Okka von der Damerau

      • Krunoslav

        That night in Berlin, reasonably promising 7 PM concert at the Philharmonic;

        MARISS JANSONS Conductor

        Béla Bartók
        Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta

        Dmitri Shostakovich
        Violin Concerto No. 2 in C sharp minor
        Frank Peter Zimmermann Violin

        Maurice Ravel
        Daphnis et Chloé Suite No. 2

      • Feldmarschallin

        Schager I just heard in Berlin as Parsifal and he was quite good. Merbeth in Wien and she was as usual shrill. Cieca if you need some good and reasonable restuarant recommendations for Berlin let me know. I found a Thai, two Vietnamese, one Mexican and the best Döner in town where you will need to wait in line.

      • Hippolyte

        I think Tamara Wilson was originally listed for Helena. It’s too bad she’s no longer singing it since I think her voice is more suited to German rep than Italian. I think she was supposed to do the Empress in Frankfurt this season too.

        • siegmund

          She has sung the Empress in Frankfurt last year and Oehms Classics recorded the performances for release this summer. The cast is,

          Die Kaiserin Tamara Wilson
          Barak Terje Stensvold
          Seine Frau Sabine Hogrefe
          Die Amme Tanja Ariane Baumgartner
          Der Kaiser Burkhard Fritz
          Der Einäugige Franz Mayer
          Der Bucklige Hans-Jürgen Lazar
          Der Geisterbote Dietrich Volle
          Eerscheinung des Jünglings Michael Porter
          Ein Hüter der Schwelle des Tempels/Stimme des Falken Brenda Rae
          Stimme von oben Katharina Magiera

  • Operanaut

    OT and may have already been mentioned but Levine was “indisposed” for last’s night’s Ballo and did not conduct. John Keenan was on the podium and did a fine job -- actually sounded a lot less ragged than the broadcast I listened to.

    Rads was magnificent.

    • Guess which Stravinsky opera has its dress rehearsal at the Met today?

      • Operanaut

        Well there you go.

  • parpignol

    I believe May 9 would be “Der Freischütz” in Dresden, would not be a long trip from Berlin for the evening--

  • Pia Ngere-Liu

    The Egyptian museum in Berlin has the famous Nefertiti. And the Pergamon Museum houses the blue gates of Babylon. Both are must sees.

    • Feldmarschallin

      The Pergamon is closed until 2017.

      • Marcello

        I think only the Pergamon altar. The Babylon part was still open in March.

  • Chanterelle

    Musically you might have a better time in Frankfurt on May 4, but since this is a regie tour you should check out Olivier Py in Strasbourg. The ARIANE is a new production, which makes a difference--PLATEE has been around, and it felt a bit stale. Not the extreme Bieito experience I was hoping for (I saw it on the 20th).

  • Chanterelle

    Also, in Stuttgart try spargel with kräuterflädle — seasonal white asparagus served with Swabian herbed crepes. Though in Frankfurt you’ll want to order grünsoß — creamy green sauce with 7 spring herbs.

  • Bon voyage!

  • turings

    Sounds like a great trip!

    I’ve seen Der Zerbrochene Krug and enjoyed it. It’s a traditional production – period costumes, and a handsome set complete with live chickens. The Berliner Ensemble are fantastic, and if you haven’t been to the theater, it’s worth going just to see that – gorgeous gem of a miniature opera house. They have a canteen behind the theater that’s open to the public, good for lunch sometimes. Not in Berlin now myself, or it would have been nice to meet up.

    • Bill

      Speaking of Luisa Miller, the Teatro di San Carlo,
      offered a concert performances of Luisa Miller
      to conclude the Budapest Spring Festival this week
      and the leads were taken by Elena Mosuc and a tenor named Ganci -- both had good reviews (by an English
      writer) but this Luciano Ganci was compared to
      Pavarotti -- does anyone on Parterre know this Luciano
      Ganci ? The reviewer was ecstatic.

      • Judge for yourself:

        • papopera

          Damn Nessun Dorma -- AGAIN ! ghastly

        • mia apulia

          I think this compares very favorably with the way Pavarotti could sing it today

      • Cicciabella

        That Luisa Miller got very good reviews. Here’s Luciano Ganci in something that suits him better than Turandot:

        He’s very good. Of course he’s not pretty enough to become a “star”, although he has makeover potential. I’d pay to listen to him and wish him loads of luck.

  • Henry Holland

    An alternative itinerary:

    Moses und Aron -- Komische
    Blood Wedding (Szokolay) -- Bremerhaven
    Saul & David (Nielsen) -- Copenhagen
    Le Juive -- Antwerp
    Berlin PO: Rattle: Janacek: Sinfonietta; Bruckner 7th
    L’amour de Loin (Saariaho) -- Linz
    Ariane et Barbe-Bleu -- Strasbourg
    Saul & David-Copenhagen
    Le Juive- Antwerp
    King Roger-London
    Le Juive- Antwerp
    Ariane et Barbe-Bleu -- Strasbourg
    Cranko ballets -- Stuttgart
    Irrelohe (Schreker) -- Kaiserlautern
    Murder in the Cathedral (Pizzetti) -- Frankfurt
    Maskerade -- Copenhagen
    King Roger -- Nuremberg
    Benvenuto Cellini -- Amsterdam
    Die Tote Stadt -- Graz
    Braunschwieg SO: Brian Symphony No. 1 “Gothic”

  • Feldmarschallin


    Musikalische Leitung
    Asher Fisch
    Martin Kušej
    Martin Zehetgruber
    Heidi Hackl
    Reinhard Traub
    Olaf A. Schmitt
    Benedikt Stampfli
    Sören Eckhoff

    Il Marchese di Calatrava
    Vitalij Kowaljow
    Donna Leonora
    Anja Harteros
    Don Alvaro
    Jonas Kaufmann
    Nadia Krasteva
    Padre Guardiano
    Vitalij Kowaljow
    Fra Melitone
    Ambrogio Maestri
    Heike Grötzinger
    Un alcade
    Christian Rieger
    Mastro Trabuco
    Francesco Petrozzi
    Un chirurgo
    Leonard Bernad
    Don Carlo di Vargas
    Simone Piazzola

    4. 5. 2015 Bayerische Staatsoper. Not a long train ride from Stuttgart.

    • Lohengrin

      Suddenly there were some tickets available, I booked for 10. May / Muttertag!
      Will You be there?
      Sorry that Teziere will not be Don Carlos. How is S.Piazzola? Does anybody know him?

      • Feldmarschallin

        The review of that Boccanegra from Venezia in Opera was quite good. Bachler has a very good hand for finding young talent.

  • Feldmarschallin

    Sind ja Pflichtvorstellungen für mich. Of course I will be there. All three of them. Was sold out forever and now there are a few tickets available I see.

    • Lohengrin

      Would be nice to meet You in intermission at the bar near Königsloge!

      • Feldmarschallin

        Ja gut ist die rechts oder links?

        • Lohengrin

          Standing outside in the foyer, looking to the door Königsloge, then right hand.
          I use the Einglish linguage, that everbody in the wold is in the picture without using Google translate ;-).

          • Feldmarschallin

            Well this is of no concern to anyone other than you and me or if someone else wants to meet and happens to be there.

            • Lohengrin

              ………….but we had that discussion of German / English……..
              Ich freue mich auf unser Treffen!

  • umangialaio

    Piazzola, aged 29, is the rising star of the Italian operatic scene. He sang a great Simone at the Fenice a few months ago under the baton of Chung. I heard him only on the radio. The voice may not be huge, but carries very well. Accent and fraseggio are remarkable, although still a bit mannered.


    • Lohengrin

      Thank You!

  • phoenix

    I was in Philadelphia this morning wandering around downtown and came across an FYE store on Broad Street. I bought a DVD Don Carlo with Simone Piazzola as Rodrigo: