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The winner’s tale

In a decision La Cieca doesn’t think anybody is going to dispute, the Richard Tucker Foundation has named mezzo-soprano Jamie Barton their 2015 award winner.

  • Krunoslav

    Marcus Farnsworth was ROBBED!

    -Ruoert C.

    • Gualtier M

      Hey Broken Record:

      The Richard Tucker Prize goes to a young AMERICAN singer. ALWAYS.

      (I know I should have ignored this)

      • Krunoslav

        For that matter, Richard Tucker himself was hardly an artist of the consequence of Edgar Evans or dear old Parry Jones . One doesn’t read of Tucker singing Gerontius or Satan in Parry’s JOB.

  • Christopher Corwin
  • tatiana

    Congratulations, Jamie!! This is wonderful news. A beautiful voice backed by taste, intelligence, and SOMETHING TO SAY! Brava Jamie!

    • TenorPitcher


  • Well-deserved!

    • Chenier631

      This is great news!
      Congrats Jamie!!!!!!!

  • Congratulations. I’m hearing her in a few weeks singing the Verdi Requiem (along with Amber Wagner, Frank Lopardo and Eric Owens).

    • TenorPitcher

      You’ll have to report back to those of us who can’t be there! I haven’t heard Lopardo sing in years, but Wagner, Barton, and Owens are vocal gold. Very disappointed to miss this.

      • I will. Like you, I haven’t heard Lopardo in years and am really looking forward to hearing the other three. I’ve never heard either of the ladies live.

        • ducadiposa

          Are you sure kashania? Wagner filled in for Pieczonka as Ariadne at the COC for the dress rehearsal and I think, the opening night. Barton sang Emilia in the COC’s most recent Otello with Forbis -- small role I know, but she was there! I’m looking forward to the Requiem as well -- especially with those soloists.

          • Duca: I missed Wagner filling in for Pieczonka but I had no idea Barton was the Emilia in Otello!

  • Thingsaregettingbetterdownhere

    Judging solely by her Fricka in Walkure on Saturday in Houston, this is well-deserved. This wasn’t a force-of-nature Fricka, as I’ve seen some describe Stephanie Blythe’s, but one that presented Fricka’s point of view in a manner I haven’t experienced. I understood where Fricka was coming from; I sympathized with her. I almost agreed with her! The singing was wonderful, but there was thought behind it, too. It wasn’t all fire and fury, although I can see how some might like that.

    • orestes

      I’m going to Walkure on Thursday and can’t wait to hear her. She wowed me as Adalgisa, in which she completely overcame my preference for a lyric soprano in the role. Goerke, Mattila and Barton, oh my! Hope the boys can keep up.

      • Thingsaregettingbetterdownhere

        orestes: The boys can’t keep up with Goerke-Mattila-Barton, but that would be asking a lot. I warmed to Simon O’Neill in the second act and thought Paterson played Wotan well. The production is a mess but the singing saves it.

      • John L

        I’m going there too. Sitting in orchestra B B 13.

  • coloraturafan

    She is having her debut in Il Trovatore this summer in Cincinnati. Looking forward to hearing her.

  • Saw her in Hoiby’s BON APPETIT last year. A very funny lady as well. She has all the goods!!

  • Buster

    Barton sings the Alto Rhapsody at the Proms:

    Kaufmann and De Niese do the Last Night: