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On this day in 1857 Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary was published. Feel free to waltz or to discuss off-topic or general interest subjects, cher public.

Born on this day in 1898 soprano Lily Pons

Happy 91st birthday bass-baritone Franz Mazura

Born on this day in 1927 baritone Thomas Hemsley

Born on this day in 1933 baritone Peter-Christoph Runge

Happy 82nd birthday soprano Montserrat Caballé

Happy 81st birthday baritone Hans Helm

Happy 67th birthday soprano Mariella Devia

  • Buster

    Carlo Maria Giulini & Charlotte Margiono on stage together:

  • zinka

    I now understand why in Sherrys restaurant in the old Met they gave a bonus to the standees. They sent a free grit to the standees in intermission. This explains why the standee guys started singing the Gencer version (with scoops) of the Bolena Finale!!
    It was a transformation like with the kid with the ruby sneakers who went back to Kansas *(But Ramey was only 2). and the standee girls (Milanov club) started to sing “Ella giamaii m’amo)_.

    Now,to keep up with ther times…Gelb is serving grits (but they are 7.50 a grit..he needs money)….and this explains why last year the guys exited the mens’ room singing the Netrebko version of “Meinen Lippen zie Kussen your……….” The girls started to yell that Patricia Racette was much better than Rosa Ponselle.

    The unknowing audiences hated these unearthly sounds but they had to grit their teeth and acccept it.

    I think the water fountains now at the new Met will change the plaque from “Dedicated to Ezio Pinza;” to “Dedicated to Liberace.”

    Do you think I am still off drugs???? Charlie

  • zinka

    Liked Francesca a lot…but Eva as Santuzza has a horrendous tremolo…Good lows,dramatic…but qual VOCE!@!!!! Very sorry…but she ain’t no Bruna Rasa, whose best perf.was when she jumped into orchestra pit….

    They HAVE NO CLUE…..

  • Lauravnolen

    Hi! I was just cruising this site and saw your post. This is Laura Nolen. I do have a daughter now who is in first grade. Thank you for all of your nice comments on my voice. I am now a stay at home mom. Funny no one ever asked me why I quit the business. The main reason was my daughter. She is my everything now. My husband has an amazing career and I am more than happy to support him now. The business was tough on me with all the travel. The night I sang in Les Contes de Hoffmann was 4 months pregnant. It was my first leading role at the Met. After my daughter was born, I traveled with her for 2 years singing. It was very difficult on our family. Although I miss singing professionally, I am much happier now that I have ever been. Bonus to all of this, my daughter has the singing gene already at 6. She’s super talented and beautiful. There is a happy ending to the story. All the best to you! Oh, and I was really good at sales too! Who knows what’s next for me! I’m coming up on 40 and still have my voice!!

    • Armerjacquino

      Lovely to hear such good news from such a talented artist. I was massively impressed with your performance in my second ever trip to the Met (I live in London so such visits are few and far between) and I hope you’ll be pleased, rather than offended on behalf of your colleague, when I quote a blog I wrote on the night in question:

      ‘A performance of Trovatore isn’t going to blow you away if, in the
      second scene, you find yourself struck by how much nicer Inez’s voice is
      than Leonora’s.’

      I am too much of a gentleman to expand further.

      PS: 40 is *nothing*