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On this day in 1876 Amilcare Ponchielli‘s opera La Gioconda [from which our doyenne derived her nom de plume] premiered in Milan.

Born on this day in 1889 conductor Adrian Boult

Born on this day in 1902 conductor Josef Krips

Born on this day in 1906 tenor Raoul Jobin

Born on this day in 1910 tenor Paul Kuen

Born on this day in 1921 tenor Franco Corelli

Born on this day in 1929 bass-baritone Walter Berry

Born on this day in 1930 baritone John Reardon

Born on this day in 1947 tenor Walter Raffeiner

Happy 68th birthday mezzo-soprano Bruna Baglioni

Born on this day in 1949 soprano Sabine Hass

Happy 62nd birthday mezzo-soprano Diana Montague

Happy 58th birthday baritone Anthony Michaels-Moore

  • Camille

    La Cieca’s finest interpreter was Ewa Podles.

    I’ll never forget her in the two performances I had the luck to attend. At those performances the opera should have been rechristened La Cieca.

    Brava La Podles, Poland’s pride!

    (Love the giant-sized rosario. There should be no mistaking that one when Gioconda sees Laura whip it out in Act II)

    • scifisci

      She is literally all I remember from those performances. I have zero recollection of debbie joy’s warblings--they must have gone in one ear and out the other. But i’ll never forget podles’s unique voice….it was the first and likely the last time i’ll have heard it live!

      Incidentally, someone’s posting yesterday of little renata’s curtain call from the SF performances of gioconda induced me to re-watch all the big moments from that telecast. I know her voice was slighter than usual for the role, but my god what a searing, touching, and individual portrayal hers was!

    • hailui

      Thanik you for the Stockhausen link -- making my morning!

  • antikitschychick

    (belated) happy birthday to the late, great Franco Corelli!!! Thanks be to the opera gods for bestowing us with such a great talent…and for bringing me good luck, apparently, since I also got the summer internship I wanted today, er yesterday lol.

    Also, what a fabulous photo of La Cieca!!! She has truly outdone herself with this one!!!! Maria is rolling in her grave with envy at the sight of such FAB collarbone action!