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Tre sbirri… una guyliner

Two questions answered in a single YouTube video:

1) What is that guy who staged Spinal Tap’s “Stonehenge” doing these days? (Answer: He’s directing operas)

2) What would it look like if Jared Leto sang Puccini? (Answer: See below)

Oh, and a third question: Exactly how straight is this guy? (Answer: Very)

[via Barihunks]

  • Camille

    Waltteri is the new Tom of Finland.

    What a wonderful way to wake up. Mucho spasibo!

    • Camille

      In fact, the only thing missing here is the Luc Bondy blowjobs. Quelle pitié!

      I have actually been subjected to FAR worse—NYCO, par example……..!

      • PushedUpMezzo

        The dancer in the yellow dress is a dead ringer for Karita. And the eye make-up is just as bad for both genders. Roll on Eurovision.

        • Camille

          Well, she does do the splits and she is seeking to expand upon her former repertory, so maybe……………………………..

          • Krunoslav

            How straight do we think this Hop=sa=sa hoofer is?


            • Krunoslav

            • manou

              One can only subscribe to the very pertinent first YouTube comment:

              Tosi hyvä suoritus, koregrafia ja kaikki.?

              Couldn’t have put it better myself.

            • armerjacquino

              I expect it probably means something like ‘a very good performance, choreography and all’.

            • Camille

              Mastro Kruno —you should know by now—
              “Gay, straight—they ALL love blowjobs!”

              Long Live the Disco Ball!!

              Sorry Cieca. Gonna get my mouth washed out and stand in the corner, I now.

            • WindyCityOperaman

              What . . . the . . . f*** is this?

  • Okay, but he can’t hold a candle to my new favorite diva.

    • Camille

      Orrore! Che mi consigli tu….?

      Love the blonde “gypsy” chick with the baby as she adds so much verisimilitude to the proceedings.

      Well, one thing’s for sure: they sure love eyeliner in Finland and to that I say hooray!

      • In Carmen in Sydney all the gypsies were good, solid, ginger-headed and freckled Australian girls looking fresh off the tennis courts.

        • Camille

          Hey, now I’m a gypsy with grey cheveux! We come in all tone palettes!

          Are you going back to Cid again, or is it as Monsieur Belfagor advised me yesterday, just impossible to get into? I am counting the days until the 18th!

          • manou

            There are indeed fifty shades of grey.

          • I wouldn’t expect to find tickets. But I do also have other things in life than opera.

            • Vergin Vezzosa

              Re Le Cid. Not sure where to put this. Belfagor: contrary to general perception, tickets may be available. I tried to get one at the exact hour of the first online sale last November and waited in the online queue for 20 minutes to then be informed that all was sold out except for a few tickets for one late run performance which did not work for me. Telephone followup yielded the same result. I then tried ticket brokers with no success. Finally, astounding, late in the game I went back to the regular ONdeP website one week before my preferred date and some tickets had become available for that performance and also a number of the other later Le Cids. I grabbed one and would expect that some of the later dates would work as well for people looking for a ticket. Also, when I went to pick up my ticket, there were 2 people trying to sell their tickets well in advance of curtain time.

              It was well worth the effort. I wholeheartedly agree with the previous comments found mostly on last week’s general thread and the Fabiano/Lucia thread. I would add emphasis on the wonderfulness of A. Massis’s performance (I had never heard/seen her before) and the great conducting of this piece by M. Plasson. The Meyerbeerian scale of the score came through magnificently in the Garnier -- the effect of the orchestra and chorus (not particularly large) was thunderous in the big scenes as heard from my seat. Only disappointment -- only part of the ballet was played before a closed curtain as a sort of entr’acte. I agree with whoever commented that this production should be brought to the Met which, however unlikely, would be IMHO be superior to the rumored upcoming “vanity” project for Alagna of the sub-mediocre Cyrano de Bergerac.

              I saw Le Cid last Thursday April 2 but had my icing on the cake two days before with the absolutely delicious Le Pre aux Clercs of F. Herold at the Opera Comique. What a nice piece, no wonder it is one of the handful of operas to achieve more than 1000 performances at the Opera Comique. An essentially traditional production with a chic contemporarily attractive look, beautifully directed by one Eric Ruf (previously unknown to me) and very nicely sung by a soaring and effortless Michael Spyres with Marie Lenormand and one Marie-Eve Munger as the principal ladies. The other roles were also well cast. Seeing this made me interested in exploring Zampa beyond its famous overture -- am sorry that I did not see it when it was done here a few years ago. Jet lag setting in, have to go.

            • Krunoslav


              I saw that PRE AUX CLERCS as well and liked it very much. I hope they record or film it. Spyres was amazing, and Lenormand gave a real diva performance as la Reine Margot.

              Better music than ZAMPA, I thought.

              Eric Ruf is an actor at the Comedie Francaise who has been directing for a while,

            • Belfagor

              Thank you for this Vergin Vezzosa, I will keep trying!

            • Camille

              Thanks for the wonderful news, Vergin Vezzosa and am so happy yet another parterrian got in to see what I think is well worthwhile and which, YES, no Cyrano at the MET, but CID!!!!!

              Mucho Spasibo!!! Mr Belfagor, dum spiro, SPERO!!!!!

            • Zampa was undermined by a silly production. At the time I wrote it was “to put it in a nutshell, Shrek invaded by Pirates of the Caribbean”.

    • Cicciabella

      My reaction to this clip was: Wow, these gypsies really had a big stash of Clairol, but I see others had the same thought.

      However, I really do love that this woman is singing Stride la vampa instead of O mio bamBIno caro or Nessun dorma or some other popera chestnut. You can tell she loves the music. So what if she can’t sing it properly? I say burn that baby, mami!

      • laddie

        If ONLY they could be this courageous on THE VOICE.

    • Ilka Saro

      Wow. Just wow. Something about the extras reminds me of peasants from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

  • littoraldrift

    One thing that’s interesting (looking over the show’s YT channel) is that programming seems to mix X Factor fare with these odd crossover performances that actually *presuppose* knowledge of the operas the arias are from (e.g. the clips above, also dancers mugging as Fiordiligi and Dorabella for an execrable “Una donna a quindici anni”). I recall seeing dreadful clips from that UK ‘pop star to opera star’ fiasco w/Villazon and Katherine Jenkins, where the styling and staging betrayed little to no awareness of what anyone was actually singing. Does anyone have any info about this program? Is the Finnish public just unusually opera literate?

    • Camille

      The Finns are, yes, quite known for their attention to musical education and have had many successes in the classical music world in these last decades so the public is probably a little more conversant with opera.

      Any country that gives us Karita Mattila is okay by me.

      • manou

        There is strong tradition of music in the Lutheran Church, and so this might have some influence on Finnish people, who already benefit from strong musical education from early schooldays.

        Poorly educated people are finn on the ground there.


        • armerjacquino

          They’ve just overhauled their education system too- they’re not going to be teaching by subject any more. Will be very interesting to see what happens.

  • Cicciabella

    I can’t hear Waltteri! His voice only opens up in Act II of La Vida Loca. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the Blu-Ray.

  • Mme. Euterpova

    he has no idea what he’s singing about.

  • Camille

    And last but certainly not least—there is also the fanTABulous Tommy of Sverige——Sensational Swedish Signlanguage Signer!

  • -Ed.

    Free singing lessons! Good luck staying awake.