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On this day in 1778, at the sixth performance of the play Irène, the audience crowned playwright Voltaire with a laurel wreath.

Born on this day in 1746 painter Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes

Born on this day in 1853 painter Vincent van Gogh

Born on this day in 1844 poet Paul Verlaine

Happy 74th birthday soprano Laila Andersson-Palme

  • Ilka Saro

    Weren’t there a couple of different operas on Goya that came out at roughly the same time back in the 80s. The one featured here by Menotti, and then also another? (Not Facing Goya from 2000, but another). Or maybe I am just mixed up? (often the case)

    • WindyCityOperaman

      There was a proposed musical by Maury Yeston, also supposed to star Placi. A concept album was produced and the duet “Till I Loved You” was recorded by Barbra Streisand and Don Johnson (?). As far as I know, it was never produced (at least not in the US).

  • semira mide

    I didn’t see mention of the March 28th birthday of Daniela Barcellona ( born 1969) She shares the same birthday with Sam Ramey…. boy was that a lucky day for Rossini!!!

    Here she is with Devia in Tancredi.. another one of those “boy, I wish I had been there” events.

  • semira mide

    Oops, wrong video. I’ll try again.

  • semira mide

    Trying again

    • WindyCityOperaman

      I note that operabase and other sites don’t list the birthdays of younger singers. That’s where you good Parterrians come in!

      • semira mide

        You do such a great job, it was not meant as a rebuke, Thanks for all you do btw!

  • le cerf agile

    The Bernard Rands opera on van Gogh impressed me at its premiere at IU a few years ago, although this clip may not represent it at its best. For the curious, the two orchestral suites of music from it (which were written about 25 years before the opera premiered), under the title Le Tambourin, give an idea of its harmonic and orchestrational richness.