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Birthdays are celebrated when they are no longer dangerous

To mark the 90th birthday of Pierre Boulez, our friends at Opera Depot are offering a free download of excerpts from his epochal 1976 Ring cycle at Bayreuth as well as steep discounts on all other Bouleziana.

  • Camille

    As well, is playing his music right now until noon.

  • Happy Birthday, Captain Pete! Love Lizards worldwide salute you:

    There are days when I prefer the early version of “le vierge, le vivace, et le bel aujourd’hui” and wonder whether Boulez and Ken Nordine could have been good friends.

    • Almost forgot: “Thank you, Mr. Boulez.”

  • DeepSouthSenior

    I’ve always loved much of the 20th-century musical avant-garde, including Boulez. Given my background, demographic, and overall worldview, this has surprised and shocked many of my friends and acquaintances. I try to explain, usually without much success, that each musical style is like a language. Learn something of the language’s vocabulary, grammar, and syntax, and you’ll begin to understand it, even appreciate and enjoy it. Try as I might, more often than not I get a response like, “Maybe so, but it still sounds like noise to me.” I’ve said the same thing about heavy metal and hip-hop, so perhaps I should just declare a truce and move on.

    • Henry Holland

      I love Boulez’ music and heavy metal (Mastodon is a current favorite) and hi-hop (old skool mostly, Public Enemy represent!), so I can see what you mean. I used to proselytize for the post-war avant-garde but just like someone trying to convince me of how great the music of Telemann, Vivaldi, Haydn and Brahms (to name a few) is is wasting their time, I don’t bother anymore.

  • DharmaBray

    I guess time is running out for the fabled opera of En attendant Godot Boulez was supposed to be writing?