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Never mind the décolletage, cher public, but rather discuss off-topic and general interest topics. For starters, take a look at today’s birthday greetings, after the jump.

Born on this day in 1790 composer Nicola Vaccai

Born on this day in 1894 soprano Rose Pauly

Born on this day in 1900 tenor Kurt Baum

Born on this day in 1915 tenor Mirto Picchi

Happy 86th birthday soprano Antonietta Stella

Happy 61st birthday soprano Isobel Buchanan

Happy 60th birthday baritone Mikael Melbye

  • zinka

    Here is the other Mar.20, 1890…UNTOUCHABLE in this repertory……

  • Notwithstanding that Lufthansa cancelled my flight due to the pilots’ strike in Germany, I AM flying to Munich tonight to hear the Ring cycle which begins Sunday.

    If anyone will be there and would like to say hello, please respond here or email me at “roselovr at”.


    • Feldmarschallin

      Will be there and just saw Götterdämmerung last night. The star was Petrenko, the men and Okka von der Damerau as a superb Waltraute. Lang was nothing special but I have heard worse. Herlitzius and Nagelstad and much, much better. You will enjoy it. Will be Galerie links for the whole Tetralogie. Are you on whatsapp +491754123688

      • Wonderful I look forward to meeting you
        Yes I am on what’s app +19177158727 will message you

        • Feldmarschallin

          ok great

        • Feldmarschallin

          Here a review of yesterdays performance in which I agree pretty much. Lang ist gewöhnungsbedürftig but there was not a weak link in the cast.

          • FM having some trouble connecting to you on what’s app but will keep trying

            Great review -- here’s how Google translate puts it :”Continuously the ear is busy with relish.”

            • Feldmarschallin

              I got your SMS and responded. I am sick mit einer Mandelentündung and have cancelled Rheingold today and not sure about Walküre tomorrow. Let us try for Siegfried.

  • zinka

    JUST DISCOVERED Leander… a basso..She is 70 here…Very wonderful!!!!

  • Feldmarschallin
  • zinka

    I had to re-post this…I sang the Catalogo in this Mal Canto recital..but not until I saw the tape did I lose my breakfast,lunch,and supper. I also do not recall to whom I had sent this gem…..

    They should SUE Sue for being born……….

    Not all of you have seen this..but be careful..send litle kids and pets out of the room.

    LOVE the high X at the end……Imagine thinking you can sing like this…

    BTW She is known for vocalizing on the Queensboro bridge in NY,as she walks home…THAT is the reason for all those car crashes..also,across from the bridge is an old empty Mental Institution…SUE…You could vocalize there….
    I kid you NICHT!!!!!!

    P.S.Backstage I heard this GESCHREI and almost fell was this aria..I did not know about it….oi

  • antikitschychick

    hey girl hey! :-P

  • zinka

    A friend called this “La morte di bel canto.”Well,Negri is NOT boring..and she did sing 76,092 roles…but she went from Leyla Gencer to Olive Midleton…but i LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  • Buster

    Amazing, really: