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Je sens une pure flamme

“[T]here’s no chill to be detected at the Metropolitan Opera. There, the temperature rises nearly to boiling every time Diana Damrau and Vittorio Grigolo are on stage together in a sensational revival of Manon, which opened on Monday…” Our Own JJ‘s take on the Massenet will not appear until next week, but for now you are invited to make do with Zachary Woolfe‘s rave in the New York Times. (Photo: Ken Howard/Metropolitan Opera)

  • Chimene

    Late to the party… but just saying about Massenet, just about my favorite… You have not mentioned “Le Cid” which a very grand opera…

    • Flora del Rio Grande

      Chimene — Le Cid is wonderful! Thanks for

      • And coming to Paris soon.

      • redbear

        It’s opening in 13 days at Palais Garnier(!) in Paris with Alagna, Antonacci and Massis and conducted by the grand interpreter of French opera, Michel Plasson. All nine performances are sold out but it will be broadcast, they say, at a date yet to be determined.

        • That should be terrific. I’ve seen a video of Alagna doing the opera and it’s a great role for him. I imagine Chimene will be an equally great fit for Antonacci.

        • Camille

          I can hardly wait to hear about it all, so everyone, please, let us hear about Le Cid as soon as you may!!

          But, didn’t I read a while ago that it was to be SONIA GANASSI instead, playing Chimene? Who reported it—I remember reading it here but Operabase still lists L’Antonacci. Well, we shall soon know.

          Thanks very much for letting us know it will be broadcast!!!

  • Bluebeard

    It is Sonia Ganassi, Camille. Too bad. I’d love to hear Antonacci in this.

    • Camille

      Merci! I thought that La Ganassi was mentioned but was no longer certain of it so thank you for looking it up. As far as Ganassi, whom I liked a lot when heard a long while ago in DVD, I hope she has command of the slightly higher than her normal tessitura of this role—otherwise, hoping for the best! And hoping for a DVD or webcast of this one, but does Paris Opéra do that?

      • redbear

        In this case, you have the 2013 premiere of this production (with Roberto) with a good cast in Marseille. (The King can’t sing in Paris because he is doing Nixon in San Diego right now)

        • redbear

      • redbear

        The ONP site also now says that the opera will be broadcast live on April 18. As I said, the production is from Marseille and probably explains why it fits in Garnier and not Bastille.

        • Camille

          Merci autrefois! April 18th shall be reserved for total attention to this wonderful work, so long out of the repertory, excepting the worthy Domingo efforts to resuscitate it. Hoping they give at least some of the ballet, as well.

          This, then, will be the same production as imported from Marseille? I had hoped for a new one but shall not complain, as beggars cannot be choosers. Maybe it will come to the MET, if a success? That would be too good to be true so I shall not wish for it.

          Monsieur œdipe! I am expecting your report on the opening night!