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Don’t hold back, cher public, but join in this week’s discussion of off-topic and general interest subjects.

  • In case no-one else has mentioned it…

    Opéra Magazine’s recording of the month for March 2015, with their top “Diamant” award, is Piotr Beczala’s “The French Collection”.

  • zinka

    OK..OK.Kurt…I will be nice to you for a change……Mar.15,1900 birthday..BUT standees will never forgive boxer Max Schmeling for breaking your nose in the ring..causing you to kill us for so many years..but a great C!!!

    I bet you still have it…..

  • zinka

    When Stella ran onstage in 1956,(birthday Mar.15, 1929)as Aida…I said, “Zinka WHO???” Glamorous,gorgeous voice………

  • zinka

    OOOOPS….Wrong STELLA!!!!!

    “a me un brando…un brando…uscite!!!!!

    • liza

      I love it Zinka. And that was as hot as it gets.

      • messa di voce

        Everybody remembers Brando, but, jeez, Hunter is incredible -- girl next door totally a slave to her hormones.

  • Feldmarschallin

    Buster start packing your bags. Herlitzius will be doing Renata im Feurigem Engel here and Barrie Kosky will be doing the Regie (sorry to all the McVicar fans here).

    • Bill

      Feldmarschallin -- Herlitzius is also scheduled
      to sing 3 Kundry’s at the Budapest Staatsoper
      in April 2016 -- know idea if that is a role debut
      or not. Believe Stemme will be doing her first Kundry’s in Vienna at the same time next season.

      • Feldmarschallin

        No she has done the role before. More Walküres here next season as well.

    • Buster

      Thanks! Herlitzius was splendid in the Kosky Tristan und Isolde, so this is very tempting indeed. I tried to get a ticket for one of her Dresden Ortruds, but did not get through in time, unfortunately. I blame Netrebko.

      Kundry is a role I have been wanting to hear her in since she did the Schlingensief Parsifal. Alas, Budapest is out of the question.

      How was her Brünnhilde? I read somewhere she sounded a little underpowered?

  • Feldmarschallin

    And for all those who like me really don’t need another Ring but still…

  • umangialaio

    Lve now on Catalunya Musica Tristan conducted by Gergiev (Marinsky orchestra)

    Tristan: Robert Gambill.
    Isolde: Larisa Gogolevskaya.
    Brangäne: Yulia Matochkina
    Marke: Mikhail Petrenko.
    Kurwenal: Evgeny Nikitin.
    Sailor / Shepherd: Dmitry Voropaev.
    Melot: Yury Alekseev.
    A steersman: Miquel Rosales.