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In the realm of the cents

On this day in 1879 in Utica, New York, Frank Woolworth opened the first of many “five and dime” stores.

Born on this day in 1904 tenor José Soler

Born on this day in 1910 bass Hervey Alan

Happy 86th birthday soprano/mezzo-soprano Anny Schlemm

Happy 85th birthday soprano and Hollywood “ghost” singer Marni Nixon

Happy 76th birthday baritone Silvano Carroli

  • danpatter

    That was a rip-roaring Flittermouse Czardas from Anny Schlem. Thanks for posting. No high note (or yelp) at the end, however. But still one of the most exuberant versions I’ve ever heard. Thanks for posting that.

    • danpatter

      Oops! Schlemm.

    • Buster

      Schlemm still performs -- evey year she reads Christmas stories in the church of her hometown, accompanied by a guitarist.

      She is great in operetta -- I love her in this Walzertraum movie with Margit Schramm. You can tell she worked closely with Felsenstein earlier in her career:

      • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin

        I heard Schlemm as the Grandmother in “Jenufa” (auf Deutsch; too expensive to re-teach the chorus the opera in Czech) at Wiener Staatsoper in 2003. I think that was likely her farewell.

      • danpatter

        Thanks for posting this. How remarkable that she still performs!

        • Buster

          My pleasure. That is Helge Roswaenge as Hausminister Wendolin, by the way.

          This year’s date for the Anny Schlemm event was just announced: Saturday 12/12 in the Evangelical Church on the marketsquare of Neu-Isenburg. See you there!

          • danpatter

            How I wish! Thanks again.

  • Camille

    ‘Tis a pity the estimable and extraordinarily versatile Marni Nixon is only remembered as a “ghost” singer when she was so much more than her associations with Hollywood would infer.

    Let’s leave Igor Stravinsky to have the last word here:
    “I have never again heard such perfect distinctions of pitch as those of Miss Marni Nixon. Not from Miss Nixon herself, to be sure, for she has graduated from Webern to Eliza Doolittle!”

    Let’s listen to what dear old Igor meant—

    You decide.