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Ebben… domani

The Met announces its 2015-2016 season tomorrow at 1:00 PM, cher public, and La Cieca knows you will all be here to discuss and dissect. In the meantime, let’s decipher the teaser image above.

  • Tamerlano

    I see Norma and Roberto Devereux for sure.

    • I see an arm and a leg. It that a reference to the ticket prices?

      • pavel


      • Quanto Painy Fakor

        I thought it was the foot fettish production of Aida.

      • Noel Dahling

        Too funny!

  • Camille

    Whatever it may be I just say Bring It ON! This season is/was the nadir.
    Anything will be better.

    Wondering now how The Radvan will ride on through that three queen merry-go-round she is going to take on—a mighty hefty feat, that one.

    Looking forward to a projected Tannhäuser,,even if it is with Botha. Is that an Elektra I spy, or is that the year after?

    Whatever, just let this season be over already.

    • Now, actually, next season is the Nadir. Also the Zurga.

      • Camille

        Bring on those boys in loinclohs! Right NOW!

        It’s supposed to be good ol’ BubbleButt who sings Nadir, right? I am sure it will be, too……!

        • Noel Dahling

          who is “good ol’ BubbleButt”?

          • Camille

            Just a Grigolo, and everywhere I go, everybody knows, I’m a Grigolo.

            It is actually a descriptive adjective which MarshieMarkII has used when describing the former dashing Duca di Mantova. I am merely repeating his apt phrase. Ask Marshie for more info.

            • zinka

              Get rid of the mediocrity of the Gigolo.They cast a so-called “name” in operas…but they are often 3rd rate…..

              Imagine comparing Grigolo with the likes of Bergonzi,Tucker,Gedda,Gigli,etc…

            • Porgy Amor

              I was right there in considering him a mediocrity until I heard the Hoffmann. A greater performance at the Met I have not heard this season, and it was all him — most of the surrounding cast was nothing special (Lindsey’s deft Nicklausse aside), the conducting routine, the stage production actively bad. This was quite something to see and hear. I left nearly as impressed with Grigolo as Grigolo was.

            • I left nearly as impressed with Grigolo as Grigolo was.


  • Buster

    The second one could be a Kentridge.

  • kph11863

    Panels left to right (just my guess):
    *OTELLO’s robe
    *A piece of the LULU set design
    *A slice of the PEARL FISHER’s chorus
    *A MANON LESCAUT costume
    *The back of a DEVEREUX Queen Elizabeth costume
    *ELEKTRA’s “I’ve Fallen, And I Can’t Get Up” position

    • Camille

      Oh, I do see the Otello now as well. It’s the premiere so- first in the lineup?

    • Camille

      Yes, come to think of it -- you have got it—all the new productions. Makes sense.

      No one can know swatches like La Cieca, that’s for sure.

  • maxj

    Could the second one be THE NOSE?

    • Satisfied

      Er… LULU you mean?

  • arepo

    maxj beat me to it. I also see the scrim from The Nose.

  • John L

    1. Otello, must be a typical Moorish pattern.
    2. Something modern
    3. I’m getting Spain for some reason, Il Trovatore?
    4. Der Rosenkavalier? Looks like a bathrobe
    5. Something with Queen Elizabeth (not terribly familiar with bel canto)
    6. Reminds of that sprawled out old poster of dejected Pagliacci, but the clothing is not consistent.

  • steveac10

    kph11863 has this right. They’re slices from the brochure glamour shots for next season’s new productions. It’s the graphic for the season announcement teaser they have running on their website right now.

  • zinka

    MET TO ANNOUNCE NEXT SEASON on Wed…but there are a few additions:

    Traviata with Placido singing “La cena e pronta”
    “Hair” with singers who can pass nude audition

    La Voix Humaine with Anthony Roth Costanzo

    Forza Lip-synched to Milanov,Tucker,Warren,Siepi 1956
    Performed by Lady Goo Goo, Justin Bieber, Peter Gelb,David Letterman

    JUST DISCOVERED: Donizetti’s “Zelda di Canarsie”
    with Ricciarelli,Caballe,Handelmani, and Charlie Manson

    Just Comissioned New opera by La Cieca: ” Il Parterrio”
    featuring Renee Fleming and a cast of thousands of talented members of Parterre

    • Camille

      Qual gioia! Another uncovered Donizetti rarity!

      Looking forward greatly to Zelda di Canarsie, hopefully starring Fran Drescher, lipsinking to Barbra.

  • redbear
    • dallasuapace

      Maybe Le Figaro was told they’d made a mistake. That link leads me to “La page que vous avez demandée n’existe pas,
      ou elle n’est plus accessible à cette adresse “

      • Lady Abbado

        The Figaro link doesn’t work, but the brief “news” first liners on Google News from that link reveal:
        -- Gheorghiu as Tosca
        -- Netrebko as Leonora/Trovatore
        -- Domingo in Simon Boccanegra
        -- Garanca in Anna Bolena

        • Camille

          It worked for me about an hour ago--where I learned ‘la révelation’Sonya Yoncheva would be the Desdemone. Settles that one as several had been mentioned. There was a confusing paragraph regarding the HD transmissions which I was going to refer to Mme manou translation, but if it is now gone—-

        • Lady Abbado

          Other names detected using the same trick as above:
          -- Kaufmann and Opolais in Manon Lescaut
          -- Kurzac in L’elisir
          -- Alagna in Pagliacci + Cavalleria + L’elisir
          -- Beczala in La Boheme

          • Lady Abbado

            -- Damrau and Grigolo in Pêcheurs de perles;
            -- There will be Devereux but Sandra’s name not mentioned

      • It’s working again.

  • sycorax

    Am I the only one hoping that all three Tudor operas will be broadcast in HD? I mean, Radvanovsky doing all three in under three months (as I remember reading a couple of months ago) will be, in my opinion, the event of the season. In addition, Rad will be paired with Garanca and Meade for Bolena & Stuarda respectively, another reason why I want to see those two operas be rebroadcasted. At least we’re pretty shure that Devereux will be in HD since its new.

    • Camille

      No, you aren’t, but realistically speaking, what are the chances one soprano will garner three HD transmissions all to herself, no matter what the importance or significance of the MET finally doing the entire cosidetto “Tudor Trilogy”? How many other little songbirds would sputter in protest? Seems likeliest that the Roberto Devereux would be broadcast as it will be the absolute premiere.

      It would be nice but it just does not seem probable. Too bad.

      • la vociaccia

        Likely that Roberto gets the HD but the met will hang on to the radio broadcasts and maybe release a fancy trilogy box-set

        • Camille

          Sounds like the plan. Hope so, anyway, as I hope she will be up to all three in such a short span of time—the challenge of a lifetime!

      • steveac10

        “How many other little songbirds would sputter in protest? ”

        They’re aren’t but a handful that have the clout to even make that peep. Anna had 2 this season and there was no uproar.

  • The Met press office accidentaly leaked this preview video this morning.