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Take a break from whatever sports game may be played today, cher public, and discuss a few off-topic and general interest subjects.

  • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin

    DIVO WATCH: Rámon Vargas is now out of all performances of “Don Carlo” at Wiener Staatsoper. Stefano Secco is his replacement. (Harteros cancelled a few weeks ago.)

    • Feldmarschallin

      That is not she true. She cancelled them in June.

    • Lady Abbado

      So lately Vargas is ill and ill again…I wonder if Gheorghiu will have a new partner as Werther one month from now in Vienna!

      • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin

        Lady A. -- I’ll be there on the first night to let you know!

        Resi -- Sorry -- what I meant to say is that Wiener Staatsoper only announced the cancellation of Harteros a few weeks ago. Management at that house is just going down the drain. All of their energy right now (and for the last weeks) is going into the Opernball. They could care less about the operas/ballets. I have only been to one performance this season -- the ghastly “Rigoletto” prima -- and will only see a few others (“Elektra,” “Werther,” “Fidelio”).

        • Lady Abbado

          Great Marianne -- we all look forward to your review (I’ll be watching the video broadcast of Werther -- which I think is the 2nd performance, on 13th of March).

  • zinka

    12 Step program for opera-holics:(not necessarily in order)

    1. Cancel Sirius

    2. Shower without high C’s and without other singers

    3. Do not ever eat Peach Melba,Chicken Tetrazzini, or any scoop of Fleming’s Ice cream.

    4. Stop thinking of having Netrebko’s or Kaufman’s baby.

    5. Consider the “Ring” as what goes on your finger.(Remember the Ring?)

    6. Stop singing “In QVesta reggia” out of your car.(both sexes)

    7. Do NOT marry a tenor/soprano with squillo, unless it is below the waist

    8. Never name your child Zinka, Renata, or Maria…unless it is a boy.

    9. If you are a pregnant lady, do not let the fetus ever listen to Pelleas.

    10. Stop dancing the 7 veils in the supermarket..or if you are overweight, stop dancing the 700 veils.

    11. NEVER read Parterre Box.

    12.. BAN Charlie (Zinka) from Parterre until he becomes normal like Stefan Zucker

    • Cicciabella

      I can do all the steps involving pregnancies and babies. The rest require superhuman effort.

  • Feldmarschallin

    Don’t know how reliable this site is since they still have Yoncheva listed as Rachel in Die Jüdin.

  • Troppo Primavera

    Do any of the experts on this site know if there exists a pirated recording of Francoise Pollet as Alceste at the Paris Opera some years ago?With her beautiful diction and her powerful voice she must have been special.I would love to hear her in this role.

  • Feldmarschallin

    Liebe Marianne,
    Steman ist leider am WE geschlossen. Hast Du noch eine Idee?
    Marie Theres

    • umangialaio

      I was told this place, on the way to the Volksoper, is still ‘authentic’: Café Restaurant Weimar, Währinger Straße 68 1090 Wien

      I quite liked the Kafee Alt Wien, in Baeckerstrasse, near Stephansdom. It’s easy-going and cheap:

      I am sotty to inform you that Pasticeria Valzani in Trastever has closed shop.


      • Feldmarschallin

        Thanks and if you are in Rome as well for Aida a group of us is meeting in the Abendkasse at 18.45. Fidelia and Lohengrin and Yvette and Ursula and the Milanese group. Fidelia, both Yvette and Ursula are both rather short 60’s. Yvette will be there with her husband and Ursula with her niece.

  • marshiemarkII

    I am coming to the conclusion that Iphigenie en Aulide is one of the most gorgeous operas. And without it, there would be no Idomeneo, Fidelio and Medea. My God was Gluck influential, and so original!. To think that young Mozart had 6 years to digest Iphigenie before he embarked on Idomeneo. Surely it is original but the template was already created for him and he took the Fuggiam almost directly from the Overture. Fidelio harks back everywhere, the choruses, even O Namenlose Freude, wow. And Medea what can I say!

    And Kruno, I know he is also your boy, was there a more gorgeous Germanic tenor than James King in 1962? that “So grausam warst du nie” has to be one of the most sublime pieces of singing EVAH!

  • zinka

    Caused sensation at the Troyens,on short notice..Sweet guy with ACUTI forever. I pre-ordered the album.

  • Feldmarschallin

    In den Vorstellungen von Jacques Offenbachs Les Contes d’Hoffmann am 28., 31. März und 4. April 2015 wird Serena Farnocchia die Partie der Antonia anstelle von Genia Kühmeier übernehmen.

    In den Vorstellungen von Giuseppe Verdis Falstaff am 12., 14., 17. und 19. Februar wird George Petean die Partie des Ford für den erkrankten Simon Keenlyside übernehmen. Carlo Bosi singt die Partie der Dr. Cajus für den ebenfalls erkrankten Ulrich Reß.

    BSO München

  • zinka

    I laugh like mad……Feb.6, 1898……A singer(???) who can sing high A flat above C…..but realy funny….

  • zinka

    NOT because we have been friends since I was her doctor (in Yolantha) in 1965…but most people do not sing an Aida (Mexico) and then do this at a our maestro Armen Boyajian……EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Feldmarschallin

    Will anyone from the States be in Rome for the Aida? I am desperately looking for some Brandwine tomato seeds which I cannot find in Germany. I just sent an email to a friend in France and do not know if she can find them there.

    Yesterday I was at the fourth Lucia and have seen 4 now including the GP. The last one was the best and there was a big difference in Damrau. The second performance was filth but the fourth was very good. Apparently she is one who can vary from day to day. Zeppenfeld was still the best singer IMO.

    • Arabella

      If you cannot find another source it might be worth looking here for your seeds:
      They promise a delivery service to Europe.

      • Feldmarschallin

        Danke Arabella.

    • Lohengrin

      Got yery good tomato seeds from Poland some years ago and heard there are lots of varieties in Austria, see:

      • Feldmarschallin

        Danke Lohengrin.

    • manou has them it seems:

      If they are the ones you want.

      • Feldmarschallin

        Thanks Manou. Those are the black ones but they might do. There are also pink and red ones. Thanks everyone for the help and infomation. A friend of mine also recommended that I look in Rome for seeds from Italian sources which I might do as well in addition to the Brandywine.

    • DellaCasaFan

      Please beware that Thompson & Morgan lost its good reputation for many years by now. The reviews on various gardening forums are *highly* negative. The UK branch might be slightly better than the US one, but there are much, much better tomato mail-order sellers than T&M. In the US, these have the best reputation and deliver internationally:
      (a few heirloom tomato seeds we ordered from them last year were growing like crazy, well into the late November!)

      These are great sources, but if there are any import restrictions or exceedingly high shipping surcharges (which varies and may not always be the case), then you might be better off finding equally reputable sellers in UK or Europe.

    • Batty Masetto

      Feld, allow me to put in a plug for our very own Seed Bank in lil’ old Petaluma, CA, which offers dozens if not hundreds of different heirloom tomato seeds and appears to ship internationally.

      For the full range of tomato options, start here:

      … and click the color of your choice for a long list of possibilities (they offer 16 varieties of green tomatoes alone and several blue ones, along with the more conventional colors – all heirlooms).

      • DellaCasaFan

        This is definitely a great company. I also listed it above among the best ones.