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“Surprises—or let’s say pleasant surprises—are among the chief joys of frequent opera-going. Best, and most  precious, of all these impromptu delights is the eagerly anticipated performance  that soars beyond even one’s most extravagant fantasies. That’s what happened  when Sonya Yoncheva sang her first Met La Traviata last Wednesday: I  expected something lovely, but what I beheld was nothing short of magnificent.” [New York Observer]

  • P.S. I thought it very sad that when the Met staged so beloved an opera as Traviata, with so fine a cast and in so interesting production, there were so many empty seats in the house. That was great for me — I started in Orchestra AA (thank-you, Agnes Varis) and had my pick after the intermission — but it’s sad.

    • diva2themax

      I’ll be there tomorrow looks like orchestra sold pretty well. I’ll be in row W thank you Student rush tickets! Hopefully the snow turns out to not be a big deal.

  • Grane

    “Oh, and that tone. It has a beautiful “grain” to it, from bottom to top, like powdered pearl dust on cut velvet.”

    That is a beautiful and very apt simile, Milady. I know exactly what you mean!

    • Milady DeWinter

      Thank you, Grane. I’m delighted to have a new diva to dote on—