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Ildar pursuit

Our good friends (and advertisers) at Maestro Artist Management have been wondering just how much you, the cher public, know about Ildar Abdrazakov. To test your  knowledge, they are offering a coveted prize to two lucky parterrrians who can answer the trivia questions that follow the jump.

Please answer a single trivia question in the comment section below, cher public; if you want to attempt both questions, please post separate comments for each. The first correct answer to each question (to the satisfaction of that highest judge of the parterre court, your doyenne herself) will win the commenter a pair of tickets to the bass-baritone’s Carnegie Hall recital on January 29.

Ready? Start playing!

First question: Recently, Ildar Abdrazakov accepted the position of Artistic Director at a prestigious international music organization named for a celebrated opera singer. Please name this organization and explain what role that famous artist played in Ildar’s career.

Second question: Name the city in which Ildar Abdrazakov was born and give the names of three other internationally famous Russian performing artists who started their careers in this city.

Hurry, cher public, as this contest ends at midnight on Friday, January 23!

  • Bluebeard

    1. Artistic Director of the International Academy of Music “Elena Obraztsova.” He won the Grand Prix at the International Elena Obraztsova Competition in St Petersburg in 1999.

    [second response redacted per the rules of the contest]

    • Bluebeard

      Oh shoot! I just typed it in as quickly as possible!

  • 1. It has been announced that [comment deleted at author’s request]

  • 2. Ildar was born in the city of [more deletions at author’s request]

    • Oh shit. I just checked my calender I can’t even go to Ildar’s recital bc I have Iolanta/Bluebeard that night. La C please delete my comments and let someone else win :(

  • Ilka Saro

    This artist also hails from IA’s hometown. Couldn’t get away from this video when I was in Moscow 15 years ago. He’s probably not so twinkish now…

  • Krunoslav

    Nureyev, Chaliapin, rock star Zemfira and Vladiir Spivakov all spent their early years in Ufa.

    I have been to the airport there!!!

  • Camille

    Please, SOMEBODY, buy Ildar’s concert! I mean, he’s in his leather a d he’s showing chest hair—what more do you want?

    Looking on the Carnegie Hall seating chart —the Parquet and First Tier are fairly empty.
    This is embarrassing for him.

    Maybe Olga has a cabal against him. “Anatema su VOOOOOIIIII!!!!!!”

    • Krunoslav

      I think it is a case of him and his handlers not understanding the difference between being an attractive, always-welcome part of a Met cast and a singer who would compel attendance at a solo Carnegie recital.

      Poor Gabriella Tucci made the same tactical mistake, I am told, after she was shut out of the Met by Chapin, and she gave a Carnegie recital for about 175 people. Was anyone here at that?

      I think Ildar--especially if he’s continuing to add Russian rep to his arsenal could easily have sold out Zankel, Town Hall or maybe even Alice Tully. Carnegie mainstage is a different proposition altogether.

      • Camille

        Exacto. Very sage counsel, particularly the bit about Zankel or Tully Hall, which I prefer in any case.

        Having a fairly neutral reaction to him and initially finding him a [ ? ] on the mossy banks of Attila, I have since warmed up to him as Igor and enjoyed his Figaro last Friday.

        He just is NOT Hvorostovsky, with his “X factor”, plus a beautiful manner of singing AND voice, that is, ten to twenty hears ago. In light of his huffing and puffing to the finish lines in the WeltStar Verdi Baritone Fifty Yard Dash Competition, my love has burned much fainter.

        I can still recall Dima’s Carnegie Hall recital, though, and the way he hurled the word “SMERT” at the face of the audience in that Mussorgsky opus. Takes a star to do that, and twinkle as they may—most do not burn that brightly.

        Gabriella Tucci I had a certain respect for as she was the first Leonora ever I listened to. Didn’t care really as it was all about FRANCO and “all’armiiiiiiiiii!!!!!” Somehow, Barbara Frittoli always has brought her to mind. And that will bring us back to “Do”, as Frittoli seems to find Mr. Abs to be quite the guy. More power to him and hope he will make it theough this Carnegie Hall recital. Curious to know which Liszt songs he sings and will await the parterrian group gesang on it all….

      • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin

        I was at Tucci’s next-to-last Met performance, an “Aida” in November 1972 with Corelli, Bumbry, and Merrill, which I taped. All of them -- except Merrill -- were in awful voice, and you can just hear Tucci start to disintegrate from her first phrase, which goes horribly flat. I had considered posting it at Mixcloud but it’s really all too sad (although Bumbry cracking multiple times in the Judgement Scene is kind of a hoot).

    • Quanto Painy Fakor

      Ildar is definitely not a leather man and his jacket looks like it was a reject from a flea market in Yabadastan!

      • Camille

        Whaddaya mean, Mo. QPF? A leather man is a man who wears leather. Ildar is wearing a leather jacket ergo he is a leather man. Now, if he bought it at the Fair at Sorochinsk, well hell, that’s a whole separate issue.

        Anyway, Ildar needs the help of leather men everywhere ’cause he is gonna be looking out at an empty hall unless they paper it and I can’t be there to help him out.

        • Quanto Painy Fakor

          Very funny mein Schatz, and with the exception of your second and third sentences I agree with you completly. They will probably paper the house and everyone will have a good time.

  • phoenix

    According to CH website, he is doing Fauré, Liszt, RAVEL (certainly not Scheherazade, but maybe Don Quichotte à Dulcinée?)
    ‘as well as highlights of the Russian golden opera repertoire by Glinka, Tchaikovsky, and Mussorgsky’ arias, I assume.
    -- Does anybody know the program pieces scheduled?
    -- Abdrazakov has a sort of ‘contained’ style similar to René Pape (a Z. Woolf descriptor for the Berlin bass), whose September recital at the Met was the highlight of the Fall season -- he gave me my favorite goodies, Dvorák’s Biblical Songs & Mussorgsky’s Songs & Dances of Death.

  • I was surpirsed to find Joseph Calleja giving a recital at Jordan Hall rather than Boston Symphony Hall. Jordan Hall hold 1,019. Symphony Hall holds 2,625. There are still good tickets available. If you’ve never been in Jordan Hall it is fucking beautiful:…0…1ac.1.61.img..1.10.1264.yGbXy0MUHG0

    • Quanto Painy Fakor

      Early in Bartoli’s international career the presenters chose Jordan Hall rather than the larger venue.

    • John L

      As they say, Boston is not an opera town. The only opera singer who could fill up Symphony Hall is Renee Fleming. It seems like she comes to Boston almost every year and always performs at Symphony Hall (I’ve seen her 3 times!).

      I’m interested in hearing how or if Calleja has changed since I last heard him at the Met Hoffman.

  • Just as an FYI ildar tickets are now available on goldstar.

  • Tickets are also available very cheaply through TDF (Theatre Development Fund). Not selling well, unfortunately.

  • Camille

    *FREE *ILDAR* TIX!!!*. Offered NOW on by Maestro Artists Mgmt.
    Call: (212) 854-9920. Stepan Atamian is the host with the most!

    If you guys don’t help out chest hair, no one else will ’cause even I have a leather jacket. Jest sayin’.

    • Camille

      You MUST call WKCR before the third act of Lohengrin starts.

      1937, Flagstad, Maison, Branzell, Abravanel cond. HURRY!

  • zinka

    Siepi,Treigle,Hines,Pape,etc….what is he doing in all the big roles??????